Westinghouse WGen7500 – Best Remote Start Portable Generator Review

Long-term power outages can be an extreme inconvenience, preventing victims from carrying on with their normal lives. However, with a whole house generator, you can enjoy electricity for hours and days after a blackout. When the power goes out, a standby generator will keep you and your family safe and secure. If you already heard of Westtinghouse company and consider buying on of their gensets, you’ll surely need to read the Westinghouse WGen7500 review.

The comfort and security this generator can provide are just priceless, and among the top best whole house generators on the market is the Westinghouse WGen7500 with Electric Start. Launched as the latest entrant into the Westinghouse series of WGen generators, the WGen 7500 is one of the most powerful models in its category. This standby unit is an excellent choice for use as an emergency power source for your home, on outdoor projects, tailgating, camping, and more.

In this review of the WGen7500, we’ll discuss the features, pros, and cons of the portable generator, evaluating how it performs as a high-quality unit in terms of performance, power output, convenience, and ease of use.



  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Starting Watts: 9,500W
  • Running watts: 7,500W
  • AC Voltage: 120/240V, 60 Hz frequency
  • Running amps: 62.5/31.3 amps
  • Peak amps: 79.2/39.6 amps
  • Engine Type: 420cc Westinghouse OHV 4-stroke
  • Displacement
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 6.6 gals (25 L)
  • Run time: 16 hours @ 25% load, 11 hours @50% load.
  • Noise level: 64 dB(A)
  • Starting Type: Electric. remote, recoil


  • Two water-resistant GFCI 5-20R 120V Household Receptacles
  • Two 120V duplex receptacles
  • 120/240V Twist-Lock Receptacle
  • Dimensions: 27.3 x 26.2 x 26.2 inches
  • Weight: 192 pounds
  • 3600 Rated Speed (RPM)
  • EPA, CSA, and CARB compliant

What’s in the package?

Once you buy this generator, it will come in a package that contains everything that you need to power your appliances right out of the box. These accessories are:

  • Funnel
  • Manual
  • Wireless remote starter
  • Quick start guide
  • 0.6L/20oz oil
  • Tool kit and a bag for storing the wheel kit

Westinghouse WGen7500 Review-3


The Westinghouse WGen 7500 is a user-friendly generator that offers a wide variety of premium and innovative features at a reasonable price tag. This model offers a higher wattage than generators in its price category and promises reliability when used anywhere portable electricity is needed. As a homeowner, if you need a powerful yet affordable generator to serve as backup during blackouts, then you should consider this unit. Here are some of the outstanding features of this unit:

Power and Run time

The higher the number of watts a generator produces, the more major appliances it will be able to power. Impressively, this WGen engine delivers 9,500 starting power and 7,500 running power. For home use, this power is sufficient to simultaneously run a freezer, two refrigerators, lights, phones, two sump pumps, TV, and a gas heater. This unit also packs enough power for job site applications, allowing your team to run various power tools simultaneously.

Although the majority of conventional generators will run from 8 to 10 hours at 50% load, this model can last for up to 16 hours at 25% and 11 hours at 50% load capacity on a 6.6-gallon fuel tank. The 120V and 240V voltage, together with the high peak and running power, makes this unit great for large tools. This unit also features an overhead valve technology that enhances the efficiency of the engine. These valves help to conserve fuel and reduce oil consumption, thereby lessening your expenses.


This unit boasts a mighty 420cc OHV engine with a sturdy cast iron sleeve. This engine produces four strokes with each revolution, and this improves the efficiency of the unit. Thanks to the overhead design of the engine, you don’t have to worry about getting injured when you reach for the engine. This is because all the active parts of the engine are beneath its cover.

What’s more, you’d find that under this cover, there is a full enclosure that keeps the electrical components and connections from getting damaged during a storm. We find it particularly superb that there is little to no risk of the engine getting damaged by rain. Another exciting facet of the engine is that its complete coverage makes cleaning and maintenance easy and straightforward. You can easily wipe off the cover after a spill or rainstorm.

Noise Rating

At 64 decibels, this generator is not so loud, and this noise rating is better than the 70+ decibels emitted by other generators within its power range. Hence, you can comfortably run your generator throughout the night after a power outage without disturbing your neighbors.


The outlets on this model cover the basics of all you need in a generator. You’d find four 120V/20A three-pronged outlets on the control panel, similar to the regular outlets you have around your house. These outlets can be used for various electronics, and it can power virtually all modern applications. And two of these outlets have Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) protection, thereby meeting OSHA’s safety requirements for a worksite generator.

Even more, this generator features a 120V/240V 30A twist-lock outlet, which is useful for powering heavy-duty tools or appliances, and it can be fitted out with an RV adapter. Plus, all the outlets are protected with the main circuit breaker and sub-breakers that you can flip if you have to reset. The main circuit breaker controls the total output of all outlets, while the 20-amp circuit breakers limit the current that can be delivered through the duplex outlets. These breakers reduce the chances of a harmful surge occurring. Users also appreciate that the control panel is recessed into a metal plate, so the breakers and switches don’t get damaged when transporting this unit.

Thanks to its twist-lock receptacle, this generator is transfer-switch ready. Hence, you can conveniently power your home during an outage by connecting it to your house wiring. Also, you won’t have to use lengthy extension cables.

Westinghouse WGen7500 Review

Starting System

If you find it challenging to tug on the conventional recoil start or you do not enjoy the task, you’d be glad to hear that this unit is outfitted with a one-touch push-button start and stop, which ensures maximum convenience. Further impressing users is the wireless remote key fob, which allows you to start and stop this WGen7500 generator without leaving your room. Essentially, this means that key fob allows you to operate the WGen unit from a distance of up to 109 yards. This will come in useful during bad weather or while you are on a job site.

This generator comes with a battery charger. In the past, users had to purchase a separate battery charger alongside the generator. But Westinghouse enhances users’ convenience by including the battery charger in the generator package. This charger ensures that the generator is always charged and ready to start as soon as you need it to. Even beyond convenience, this charger injects electricity into the battery gradually, minimizing damages and extending the lifespan of the battery.


The Westinghouse WGen7500 model is covered by a three-year limited warranty. In addition to this, the brand also provides nationwide customer service as well as a support line for attending to the generator needs of customers.


This generator is CARB-compliant and EPA-approved, meaning that it puts out fewer emissions than non-CARB compliant units in the same category. Thus, purchasing and using this generator is allowed in all states, including California. Even more, it boasts of a spark arrestor, which makes it ideal for use in forested areas.

Safety Standards

This generator meets the safety standards of the Environmental Protection Agency, the Canadian Standards Association, and the California Air Resources Board.

Additional Features

Low-oil Shutoff: Though this generator does not have a low-oil light indicator, it makes up for this with a low-oil shutdown switch. When the engine oil in the generator runs low, it shuts off automatically and won’t allow the engine to start until oil is upped to the proper level. This protects the engine from costly self-damage.

Digital Hour Meter: Westinghouse designed this generator in such a way that users are never caught unawares. Users always have information regarding the amount of power the unit draws and the remaining run time, all thanks to the LED display on the generator panel. What’s more, there is an inbuilt digital fuel gauge that enables you to monitor the quantity of fuel in the tank at any time.

Fuel Shut-Off Valve: This controls the flow of gasoline to the engine and ensures that the generator is fuel-efficient.

The WGen7500 Review

Welcome to our review of the Westinghouse WGEN7500 portable generator – a model that is highly rated by consumers, who appreciate its excellent combination of features, value, reliability, and price. Thanks to all these, this unit has fast become one of the best-selling generators this year. In this review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this power source.


This generator’s high starting 9500 watts offers you an impressive leeway to add more appliances to the current load without the fear of tripping the current. Meanwhile, its 7500 rated watts ensures that you enjoy stable electricity for as long as 16 hours on a 25% load capacity.

Similar to other highly rated portable generators, this WGen model produces 60 Hz frequency with a minimum of 3600 rpm. Plus, it features an automatic voltage regular (AVR) that prevents voltage spikes, guaranteeing precise and reliable power output throughout its voltage. So, when you actually connect a new appliance, the generator maintains its speed engine and produces a consistent power output.

It is also worth noting that despite the AVR, this generator functions with a 23% Total Harmonic Distribution (THD) of the sine wave AC. As a result, it’s not ideal for sensitive electrical equipment like stereos, TVs, and medical devices. You should not connect any device that demands less than 5% THD to this generator. This is what you generally obtain with most non-inverter generators.

Fortunately, you can work around this drawback by connecting an uninterrupted power supply (UPS). A UPS is an inverter charger equipped with an input filter that reduces distortion from about 30% to less than 5% and supplies pure sine wave. If you don’t want the UPS to run on battery power, you can directly connect it to one of the generator’s outlets.


As one would expect from a generator of 192 lbs., it takes at least two adults to lift this generator. Now, you might be wondering how portability comes into the picture. Well, this the open-frame, conventional design of this unit features a sturdy never-flat 10” wheel kit, and a generously foam-padded handle. All these ensure that once the generator is on the ground, moving it around is pretty much effortless. You’d even appreciate this portability more when you have to use this model on a job site or while camping.


At first glance, this Westinghouse WGen 7500 unit appears advanced and sophisticated, and it sure is! However, the good news is that despite this, it is designed with ease of use and users’ convenience in mind.

The ease associated with starting this generator stands out among others. There is a remote key fob which enables you to operate the generator from a distance. You also have the option of using the push-button start on the control panel, so you don’t have to go through the stress of a traditional pull-cord starter. And peradventure the battery of the electric start goes off, you won’t find yourself without power as you can resort to the recoil start. But you don’t have to worry about this as there are low chances of the battery going down. This is thanks to the onboard charger which keeps it constantly powered.

For optimum convenience, the control panel of this generator boasts of multiple power outlets, which make it ideal for use at home or in a construction site. Do you find it annoying when dust and moisture clogs and damages electrical outlets? Then, you’d appreciate that these WGen outlets are protected from such with plastic covers. And there is also a 2-pole circuit breaker put in place to protect the generator from overloading.

But does it end there?

No, it doesn’t. To remove any confusion, this model is designed with yellow touch points that show users the step-by-step process of starting the generator. You’ll also find an impressive digital display on the control panel. Westinghouse calls this display the VFT data center, and it provides you with vital information as regards the voltage, frequency, and runtime of the generator. Another selling point of this model is that it doesn’t require much maintenance, and the cast iron cylinder sleeves on the engine give it durability and long life.

Positives & Negatives

  • High run time
  • Fuel-efficient
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Quick and easy starting
  • Easy movement over uneven terrain
  • Portable
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Comes with several accessories
  • There is no 12V DC outlet for battery charging
  • It does not come with a low oil level light indicator
  • It is quite heavy, requiring at least two strong adults to lift to the ground

About manufacturer

Westinghouse is one of the oldest and most renowned manufacturers of electric products in the US. The history of the brand goes back well over a century in 1886, when George Westinghouse founded the Westinghouse Electric Company. Since then, the brand has been responsible for various electrical innovations that have changed the world for the better.

The company has been acquired and merged into the American CBS. Despite this, “Westinghouse” remains the name for their electrical solutions. In 2011, the company started producing portable generators, which is the responsibility of the Outdoor Power Equipment branch of the company.

The brand is respected for its dedication to making users’ lives easier whenever and wherever a reputation they have cultivated over the years. They have consistently produced reliable, innovative, top-quality products and customer service. They have become one of the world’s most trusted brands as a result of their rock-solid dependability and groundbreaking technology. Their products set the standards for performance and price, and they all go through rigorous testing before release to consumers.

Comparison Table

FeaturesWestinghouse WGen7500Cat RP7500ESIMPSON SPG7593E
Fuel typeGasolineGasolineGasoline
Running watts7500 W7500 W7500 W
Starting watts9500 W9375 W9300 W
Runtime16 hours at 25% load
11 hours at 50% load
11 hours at 50% load8 hours at 50% load
Fuel tank6.6 gallons7.9 gallons6.08 gallons
Starting typeRecoil, Electric with Remote Key FobManual, Lion Electric Start with Integrated ChargingElectric start
Noise level64 dBANot specifiedNot specified
Weight192 lbs.192 lbs.201 lbs
Number of outlets566
Safety features

  • Automatic low-oil shutoff

  • Two GFCI-protected outlets

  • Enclosed overhead design

  • Circuit breakers

  • Automatic Voltage Regulator

  • Manual Fuel Shut-off

  • Covered outlets

  • Automatic Voltage Regulator

  • Low oil shutdown

The Westinghouse WGen7500, the CAT RP7500E, and the SIMPSON SPG7593E are all gas-powered whole house generators from reputable brands. But while the WGen7500 unit operates with a high surge power of 9500 watts, the CAT RP7500E and the SIMPSON SPG7593E run on a starting power of 9375 watts and 9300 watts respectively.

What this means is that the Westinghouse unit is better equipped for heavy-duty applications. It is the better option for a construction site as several large tools can be connected simultaneously. Even at home, the high surge watts of the WGen7500 means that when you connect a new appliance, the generator will maintain consistent power output.

What’s more, the WGen7500 runs for as long as 16 hours on 25% load and 11 hours on 50% load. While the CAT RP7500E comes near this with 11 hours runtime at 50% load, the SIMPSON SPG7593E can only operate for 8 hours at a stretch. So, with the WGen 7500, you can remain comfortable after a power outage with all your major appliances connected for as long as 16 hours. Another noteworthy difference is that both the CAT and the SIMPSON generators do not feature the remote start, which users of the WGen enjoy. Both the WGen7500 and the Simpson SPG7593E generators are EPA approved and CARB compliant, but the CAT RP7500E unit is not CARB-compliant.


Yes, it does. The generator engine has to be running for the battery to charge.

Yes, it is. It features a convenient L14-30 30A twist-lock outlet that is transfer-ready. This receptacle makes it easy to connect the generator to your house wiring and power your appliances.

No, it doesn’t. The Westinghouse WGen has a high 23% total harmonic distortion, meaning that it is not ideal for sensitive electrical devices, especially those that require less than 5% THD to operate, such as medical support equipment.

Westinghouse WGen7500 Review-4


The Westinghouse WGen7500 generator is highly recommended for anyone on the lookout for a reliable, powerful portable generator. It is ideal for use at home and on commercial sites with heavy-duty tools. You’ll also find that you can take it with you while camping or tailgating.

It is great for a wide variety of uses and a vast majority of settings. The generous gas tank, overhead valve engine, and 7,500 rated watts deliver reliable electricity for as long as 16 hours. The engine is powerful enough to keep you comfortable after a power outage or to power large construction tools, and it uses only a small amount of fuel for operation. You can use this model as your backup power supply without having to stress about its noise level disturbing your neighbors. The yellow touchpoints and push-button starter make it super easy to operate this generator, and the remote key fob comes as a bonus.

In all, our Westinghouse WGen7500 review shows that this model has earned its spot as a leader in the market of portable standby generators. With a relatively quiet engine, sturdy design, long run time, and a convenient electric start with a remote key fob, this generator offers you incredible value for its price. You won’t be disappointed!

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