DuroMax XP4400E – Best Gas Powered Generator With Electric Start Review

Everybody needs electricity for a large number of purposes: to power your household items, to have alternative source of power in your workplace, construction site, and even when travelling for recreational/outdoor activities, such as camping. Whichever is the case, you need to be sure that uninterrupted power supply would be available. That is a good reason why you need a generator, and another good reason why the DuroMax XP4400E has become the favorite of many people.

If you’re looking to buy a generator that can serve you in many cases, then you can be confident that DuroMax XP4400E would fit into the desired use cases. We have put together the DuroMax XP4400E review to help you and many other prospective buyers to make an informed decision.

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Fuel Type: Gasoline
Starting Watts: 4,400
Running Watts: 3,500
Voltage: 120/240V
Engine Type: 4-Stroke OHV, 7.0hp
Displacement: 208cc
Fuel Tank Capacity: 3.96 GAL
Run Time: Up to 8 hours on full load / Up to 12 hours on 50% load
Noise Level: 69 decibels
Starting Type: Electric + Manual Recoil
Receptables: 120V
DC Output: 120V, 30A
Dimensions: 36 x 24 x 24 inches
Weight: 120 pounds

First things first! You want to figure out the properties of this generator, which have been part of the reasons for the massive purchases. Just like many other generators that have something better to offer, the DuroMax XP4400E has many characteristics that you would like. Below are some of them:

Fuel Type

No matter the locations where it would be used, it is always advisable to check if fuel can be locally sourced. Dual fuel and gasoline are the primary types you can get. The DuroMax XP4400E opted for the gasoline variant. The reason for that is to aid in the preservation of the climate courtesy of the low emissions from gas in comparison with diesel, for instance.

On the other hand, the gasoline fuel type ensures that the generator remains in good shape at all times. So, if you’ve been looking for a generator that uses gasoline, you now have it at your fingertips.

Starting Level

You’re looking for a generator that can offer more power outputs. Things can be tricky here because you have to consider both the starting level and the actual wattage of the generator when it is running. The rule of thumb is to select a generator that has a higher starting level.

The DuroMax XP4400E fits into that because of 4,400 watts starting level. This is perhaps one of the biggest in an industry where the maximum running level of some generators is between 3,500 watts to 4,000 watts.

Additionally, the large starting level makes it ideal for handling bigger loads, such as refrigerators, home air conditioners, and high amperage construction tools.

Running Watts

The other consideration is the running wattage. What volume or amount of appliances can the generator carry? Once you start it at the starting level of 4,400, the DuroMax XP4400E generator would drift back and balance at the running watts of 3,500 watts.

With this amount of power can be sufficient in many places. From the homes to construction sites, and even in the workplace, you can rely on it to deliver enough power. Some of the things it can handle are powering heavy-duty appliances in the home and running power tools, such as saws and drills in the job sites.


The voltage can alternate and that is a remarkable feature. With the alternation, you can always use as much power supply as possible. There is the single 120 volts, as well as the alternating 120 volts/240 volts. Moreover, the DuroMax MX2 Technology makes it possible for you to get maximum power supply out of the 120 volts receptable.


There are two distinct kinds of amps in the DuroMax XP4400E generator. The first is the 20 Amp outlet that is exclusive to the 120 volts. The other is the 30 Amp outlet, which is meant for the 120/240 outlets. There is also a 120-volt DC outlet in the generator. So, you can see that it is suitable for electronics with various demands.

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Engine Type

The engine is unarguably one of the features that determine the robustness of the generator or not. The impressive 7.0 horsepower engine would thrill you. That is not all. There is the 4-Stroke OHV feature that doubles up the performance of the generator.

Typical with the DuroMax XP4400E excellent features, there is the 200cc powerful engine displacement that keeps it moving at all times.

There is no doubt the generator might heat up after some time. That is why this model features the air-cooling system that prevents the generator from heating up excessively.

Fuel Tank Capacity

What do you think would be the best fuel tank capacity for this generator? Anything close to 3 gallons is acceptable. But there is a shocker! The DuroMax XP4400E went all the way up to increase the fuel storage to 3.96 GAL. That is approximately 4 gallons of gasoline to keep your generator running for hours!


If those features above are anything to go by, which they are of course, then the DuroMax XP4400E generator should run for hours. So, how long can it last when the tank is full?

By the design, it is expected to run for about 12 hours. Note that the timeframe of 12 hours is on the half of the maximum rated load on a full tank of gasoline. On a full load it is possible to get up to 8 hours of runtime.

Noise Level

There are many interpretations to the noise level of the DuroMax XP4400E generator. The first point to note is that the level of the noise tends to differ depending on location, as the power demand are always different. For instance, some users hinted that the noise was on the lowed when used to power home or office appliances. However, when it is used on construction sites, the noise level tends to increase.

That said, the built-in arrestor on muffler can help in regulating the noise. The noise level is rated at 69dB, when the generator is operating in the full-throttle mode.

Starting Type

Are you wondering about how to turn on your DuroMax XP4400E generator? You are lucky because the manufacturer has many starting options in place. You can use the One-Touch starting type, which is fast. If you don’t want that, then the Electric Start option would be perfect. You may also want to use the Manual Recoil variant to start the generator.


There are many sources of drawing power supply from the generator. The 3-prong outlet can generate 120 volts of power, as well as 120 volts/240 volts of power. They are further broken down into two 120 volts with 20 Amps of Household outlets and one 120 volts/240 volts with 30 Amps of Twist Lock. There are 3 outlets in total.

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Size and weight

The DuroMax XP4400E generator has a dimension of 36 x 24 x 24 inches. That gives you enough space to move it around and store it without hassles. Its weight is 120 pounds and there is no need to pointd out that the unit isn’t lightweight as you might think. However, the integration of wheels and the handle helps to make movement easier.


You have now seen that the generator has an array of properties that many homeowners, construction workers, and even office workers need. Aside from those, you want to figure out other features. They would help you in deciding for or against the DuroMax XP4400E generator. We have made a list of some of those features you have to look for before buying it.

Safety Features

Safety should always remain paramount. The DuroMax XP4400E is not an exception. You don’t want to “buy something that would blow you up,’ pun intended. Therefore, it is always advisable to be particular about the safety of what you intend buying.

In terms of the safety features, you have many options to keep you covered. There is the all Copper Windings that can come in handy when using the generator under the rain or any other unfavorable element.

The all Metal Construction is a symbol of sturdiness and robustness. Also, it can play an excellent role in cutting down on the chances of the generator being exposed to harsh elements.

In addition, the low oil shut-off plays vital roles in keeping the generator in good shape. The idea is that it helps in protecting the generator from damages. Therefore, you needn’t bother about the fate of your appliances when the generator shows signs of turning off when the oil is low.

Control Panel and OutletsKudos must be given to manufacturer, DuroMax Power Equipment. The innovations it made on the generator are part of the reason behind the positioning of the control panel on the generator. You can locate the control panels on the side of the generator. Some of the buttons you can find there are the electric start buttons, and the meters.

There are also 3 outlets on the panel. The 3-prong outlets are useful in different ways. You can use them to draw power supply into the home. The other outlet with a Twist Lock would be useful for outdoor uses, such as RVs and camping.


Although the 120 pounds weight capacity is a bit high considering the outdoor needs you may have, there is still hope of it being portable. Typical of every DuroMax Power Equipment products, the DuroMax XP4400E is also portable. It achieved that against all odds through the wheel kit for easy movement. There are also the adjustable handles that empower you to tilt and move the generator without hassles.

Wheel Kit

As part of the efforts to ensure you get value from using the generator, there is the wheel kit for easy movement. The exciting thing about it is that it comes with a front handle for portability. Therefore, you can be sure of sufficient relief when moving it to and from your favorite places of use, such as job/camp sites and the office.


You need some assurance that the generator is durable and you would get it. The DuroMax XP4400E generator comes with a one-year limited warranty. So, if something bad happens to it within that time, you can be confident of getting a replacement.


So far, you have seen that the generator has many features you would need. Those notwithstanding, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to discover other things you need to know about the DuroMax XP4400E generator.

Ease of Use

Think of simplicity and this generator readily comes to mind. The manufacturer has a perfect understanding of the hassles associated with moving a generator around and wants to make it easy for you to get the most out of the generator. It does that by placing several meters and control buttons on the side. The voltmeter is very useful making it possible for you to monitor the output range of the generator while running.

There is also the DuroMax Switch, which is a voltage selector that alternates between different power modes. With that in place, you can easily switch to the 120/240 volts for heavy-duty appliances.


You don’t need to break a bank to maintain the DuroMax XP4004E generator. All you need is to watch out for oil spills and clean them up in time. Also, take note of the change in the sound of the generator, especially when it has to do with the reduction of oil. Clean it up and store in a cool place after use.


You can always rely on the DuroMax XP4004E generator to deliver maximum power supply at all times. The manufacturer also took care to aid the reduction of the generator’s bulk. With the flip-up handles and the wheels, you can now move it around anytime, anywhere.

Use Cases

Do you need the generator to power up your home? Do you need it for other places, such as job sites? No matter the destination you intend using it, it is essential that you understand all the potential use cases. So, where can the DuroMax XP4400E generator be used?

It can be used in the home, at job/construction sites, as well as at recreational points. Packing enough power and with the portability and easy carriage, you can now be able to move the generator from place to place.

Positives & Negatives

We hope that you have seen enough reasons to buy the DuroMax XP4004E generator. Nevertheless, having a breakdown of the upsides and downsides are there to enhance your buying decision. So, here are the pros and the cons of the generator.

  • Easy starting with either the electric or the manual starting options
  • Equipped with circuit breakers
  • Low oil shutdown prevents the generator from damaging
  • Usable in many places as it offers decent power output
  • Several outlets for convenient operation
  • Large fuel tank
  • The 69 decibels of noise can be loud and irritating for some people
  • 1-year limited warranty period is a bit low

About the Manufacturer

Let’s have some information about the manufacturer. Any brand that was able to pull off the exciting features we’ve seen on the DuroMax XP4004E generator deserves all the commendation. So, who is behind the manufacturing of this generator?

Company History

The manufacturer is DuroMax Power Equipment. The company was launched in the year 2003. More than 15 years down the line, it has become a seller known all over the world as far as power tools are concerned.

The DuroMax Power Equipment is headquartered in Ontario, California. It has developed over the years, and it is now producing industry-standard generators, and engines, which run on the Dual Fuel Portable Generator Technology.


DuroMax Power Equipment differs from other manufacturers because of the innovations it makes. Unlike the others that outsource their productions, it makes its own engines, generators, and other products. It also prides itself as the “Next Generation Power Systems Maker.”

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The Brand

What is DuroMax Power Equipment known for? How does the target audience and potential users view it?

DuroMax Power Equipment is famous for making portable generators. Aside from that, the company also makes other kinds of machines and household tools, such as water pumps, pressure washers, and engines.

Customer Support

Every thriving business needs to have an excellent customer support system. DuroMax Power Equipment is not an exception. The customer support system is available throughout the working/business days (Mondays to Fridays) from 6am to 5pm (PST). You can also get in touch with them via the dedicated customer support email: [email protected]

Compare DuroMax XP4004E Generator with its Closest Rivals

Undeniably, you have an idea that the DuroMax XP4004E generator is one of the best you can find out there. However, for some reasons, you want to satisfy your curiosity by checking other brands in the market. Some of the leading contenders in the race are the Sportsman GEN4000 and the Champion 46539. We have made a table showing each of their features.

DuroMax XP4400ESportsman GEN 4000Champion 46539
Fuel Type
GasolineUnleaded GasolineGasoline
Running Watts3,500 watts3,500 watts3,500 watts
Starting Watts4,400 watts4,000 watts4,000 watts
RuntimeUp to 12 hours at 50% loadUp to 10 hours at 50% loadUp to 12 hours at 50% load
Fuel Tank3.96 gallon3.6 gallons3.8 gallons
Starting TypeElectric, Manual RecoilRecoil starting typeElectric, Recoil, Wireless, Cold starting types
Noise Level69 dB69 dB68 dB
Weight120 lbs92 lbs140 lbs
Number of Outlets3 3-prong outlets(4) 120 volts outlets; (1) 120 volts outlet, and (1) 120 DC outlet3 outlets for RV, Household, and Locking
Safety FeaturesCSA, EPA Approved. CARB compliantEPA Approved; Low Oil Shutdown FeatureCARB Emission control

From the table, you can deduce that the DuroMax XP4400E generator has excellent features. The capability of running up to 12 hours. The 3-prong outlets empower you to use it for different purpose, such as in your homes, at campsites and RVs. With the approval of EPA and CARB, you can be sure that it doesn’t pose any danger to health and the environment as well. Moreover, the 4,400 starting watts of the XP4400E beat the surge wattage of its opponents, making it more suitable for power-demanding appliances.

On the flip side, there are some features to the DuroMax XP4400E generator, which you might not like. One of such is the 120 pounds weight capacity, which tends to be heavier than the 92 pounds variation of the Sportsman GEN 4000. Also, it doesn’t feature a remote start, which make it a bit less convenient than Champion 46539.


We’ve now come to the last phase of the DuroMax XP4400E review. You have some questions about the generator. We have put together some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the DuroMax XP4400E generator. So, read on to find answers to some of your questions.

DuroMax XP4400E is NOT a key-start generator. It starts with the help of electric or recoil starters.

The DuroMax XP4400E generator uses a premium high-quality rechargeable battery. The onboard battery can be replaced when it starts to take a toll on the efficiency of the generator. That is a signal that it is running low and needs a replacement.

You need some tools to get the most out of your DuroMax XP4400E generator, especially when camping or on RV. Some of the tools you need are the RV switch (voltage selector) for alternating between the voltages, as well as the circuit breakers and attachment cable.

The DuroMax XP4400E is a newer version that features an electric start apart from a recoil one.

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The DuroMax XP4400E generator is one of the most versatile generators you can find out there. With the multiple applications/use cases, and the robust construction you can be confident of getting uninterrupted power supply when you need it.

We hope our DuroMax XP4400E review helped you to find answers to all questions considering this model. Take your time to consider its pros and cons and make an informed decision.

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