7 Best WEN Generators: Your Wen-vanguard Helper

Are you optimally using modern technology to make life easier for you? If you don’t have the best Wen generator you may be missing out on some perks.

A generator is a backup power source when there’s a power outage. The function of a generator is to provide electricity for your home to keep electrical appliances running. It’s a beneficial tool to have in your home during winter and summer to keep the temperature under control no matter what happens outside. Another advantage of a generator is that it keeps your refrigerator running so food stays fresh. A generator also keeps your stove on so you can make meals during a power outage.

Selecting the right generator for your home is important because you want an appliance that provides safety and automatic features. One of the best brands on the market at the moment is WEN generators as they are proved to be reliable products.
To find out more about the top WEN generators read the short guide below.

Overview table

We know the importance of electricity in modern society especially for families with children. Cooking meals, warming up baby milk and washing work clothes & uniforms can be compromised when you experience a power outage. A generator will allow you to continue with your daily routines during a power outage so you can get rid of extra hassle. Plus, it can help you organize comfort while travelling.

That’s why we’re providing our readers with a list of the seven best WEN generators on the market. They’re fuel efficient, robust and they have optimal safety & automatic features. Take a look at the following WEN generators to see which one is suitable for you.


Editor choice 1 WEN 56310i
WEN 56310i
(Best WEN Inverter Generator)

This multi-purpose unit is compact and quiet. It can safely power all the essential for as long as 7.5 hours at half load.

2 WEN 56551
WEN 56551
(Best WEN Generator for Home Use)

Excellent backup option, which offers exception fuel economy and can give you 11 hours on 6.5 gallons of gas.

3 WEN DF475T
(Best Dual Fuel WEN Generator)

This user-friendly model features electric start and fuel switch, so if run out of one fuel source you can easily use the other without additional hassle.

4 WEN 56160
WEN 56160
(Best Small WEN Generator)

This compact unit will give you 1400 running watts. It runs smoothly with minimal noise and is perfect for any camping trip.

5 WEN 56200i
WEN 56200i
(Best WEN Generator for RV)

Parallel ready and lightweight generator, which is safe for sensitive electronics. Its inverter technology reduces carbon emissions and saves fuel.

6 WEN 5613k
WEN 5613k
(Best Powerful WEN Generator)

With 11 kW of running power this model can sustain your air-conditioning system as well as all the household basics. Plus, it runs smoothly without making much noise.

7 WEN 56352
WEN 56352
(Best WEN Generator with Easy Start)

This unit combines numerous safety features, which help you to prolong its life. It will run 11 hours at 50% of load, while its fuel gauge and hour meter will give you enough information for proper maintenance.

1 Editor choice

WEN 56310i – Best WEN Inverter Generator


  • Running watts: 2800
  • Starting watts: 3100
  • Runs 7.5 hours at 50% load
  • Engine produces 57 decibels of sound
  • Recoil starter
  • CARB and EPA III emissions compliant
  • Low oil and fuel shutdown
  • 2-year warranty

The WEN 56310i is a portable inverter generator that can be moved easily. The unit has two back wheels and non-slip handles so you can move the unit from one place to another without carrying it.

You’ll find the power switch, connection ports and inputs at the back of the WEN 56310i unit. At the top of the WEN inverter generator is the fuel cap that’s easily accessible and big enough to pour gas into the tank without spilling.

Wen 56310i 2800 Watt -3

The WEN 56310i portable inverter generator is extremely quiet. It’s suitable as a home bound generator and you can take it with you on camping trips to power lamps & cell phones. The WEN 56310i is a sustainable unit with low carbon emissions for cleaner air. It also produces consistent power with fewer voltage spikes and drops to ensure the protection of your electrical appliances. The WEN’s 56310i has a harmonic distortion of 1.2% which means it can handle even the most sensitive electronic devices.

This inverter generator produces 3100W of power so it’s able to power up basic household appliances. The model has a powerful 212CC 4-stroke engine that’s economical and durable. It only needs 1.85 gallons of fuel to produce over 7.5 hours of power.

  • Parallel ready
  • Less emissions
  • Long runtime
  • Quiet operation
  • Safe to power laptops and Smartphones
  • Poor customer support
  • Requires external grounding

WEN 56551 – Best WEN Generator for Home Use


  • Running watts: 5000
  • Starting watts: 5500
  • Runs 11 hours at 50% load
  • Automatic voltage regulator
  • Runs at 74 decibels
  • Comes with air filter
  • 2-year warranty

The WEN 56551 is a home-based generator but it can still be moved around easily if you want to place it in a suitable location. The two wheels at the back of the genset as well as the handles allow you to pull the generator to move it.

WEN’s 56551 has a fuel tank on top of the unit to allow easy access when you want to refill the tank with gas. At the back of the unit, you’ll find four AC 120V outlets, one 12V DC outlet and one 120V/240V outlet. There’s also an integrated hour counter to maintain a schedule and it allows you to save on gas.

This generator is a powerful device that’s suitable for home use or work sites. You can set up the WEN 56551 without professional assistance as long as you follow the user manual. It has a manual pull string that will power up the unit fast. This generator has exceptional fuel economy so it will save you a lot of money on gas.

The WEN 56551 generator has an integrated voltage regulator that produces cleaner air and safer power to prevent damage to sensitive electronics such as PCs & Smartphones.

This model features a 389CC 13-HP OHV engine that produces 5500 surge watts and 5000 running watts. It also comes with a surge protection switch to prevent the generator from getting damaged during a power surge. The integrated grounding nut provides a secure connection for grounding applications. The grounding nut is made from stainless steel that’s corrosion resistant.
WEN’s 56551 fuel tank capacity is 6.5 gallons that produce 11 hours of power if you run this model on a half a load.

  • Has a low-oil shutdown
  • Very long runtime
  • Large fuel tank
  • Integrated power indicator lights
  • User-friendly
  • Safe to power laptops and Smartphones
  • Faulty vault switch
  • Poor packaging
  • A bit loud

WEN DF475T – Best Dual Fuel WEN Generator


  • Running watts (Gas/LPG): 3800/3500
  • Starting watts (Gas/LPG): 4750/4350
  • Runs 11 hours at 50% load (Gas)
  • CARB and EPA III compliant
  • Includes a 47″ LPG hose
  • Integrated electrical switch
  • Allows voltage transfer
  • 2-year warranty

The WEN DF475T portable dual-fuel generator has a convenient wheel kit so you can easily move it around. The mechanisms used to operate the device can be found on the side of its body.

Mechanisms on the WEN DF475T allow you to switch between power and fuel sources effortlessly. The outlets are conveniently placed so you can connect the generator to your circuit board easily. The WEN DF475T has an electric start and a pull start as a backup option so you can power up the generator faster. This generator is perfect for onsite construction to provide electricity for power tools. You can also take it with you on camping trips to places that have no power source.

WEN’s DF475T generator is a duel fuel model which means you can switch the type of fuel you’d like the unit to use. Simply use the fuel switch on the side to change between propane and gasoline.
The generator is powered by a 224CC OHV engine that produces 4750W of power. You can use the transfer switch to change between voltages of 120V and 240V to power up the main appliances in your home. It has a 4-gallon fuel tank that provides consistent power for 11 hours without electrical spikes or drops.

  • Excellent fuel economy
  • Easy to switch between fuels
  • Two starting options
  • Long runtime
  • Easy to set up
  • Some users report problems with cracked fuel tanks
  • Poor customer service

WEN 56160 – Best Small WEN Generator


  • Running watts: 1400
  • Starting watts: 1600
  • Runs 9 hours at 50% load
  • EPA III and CARB compliant
  • Features a spark arrestor
  • Recoil starting system
  • Produces 72 decibels of sound
  • 2-year warranty

The WEN 56160 generator is relatively compact and lightweight so it’s easy to move around. WEN uses non-slip grip handles on the side of its body so you can safely pick it up. The generator has a large fuel tank on the top with a bigger opening so you can pour fuel inside without spilling. The engine is situated at the bottom of the case and starts up using an electric switch. The plugs, grounding nut AC and DC breaker are located on the side of the WEN 56160 for convenient access.

This generator is a user-friendly device so you won’t need a professional to install it. The engine runs smoothly with minimal noise and it starts up immediately after flicking on the switch. It is perfect to take on camping trips or to use on construction sites to provide electricity for power tools.

WEN’s 56160 generator is a small yet powerful device that can provide electricity from up to four and five essential appliances in your home simultaneously. It’s also extremely economical as the engine and structure are made with premium materials that are durable.

This model has a 4-stroke 98cc engine that provides 1600 surge watts and 1400 running watts of power. It has an integrated 1.6-gallon fuel tank that will allow the WEN 56160 generator to run for 9 hours at half a load. Its power outlets include one AC 120V three prong wall plug and a single 12V DC outlet.

  • Compact device
  • Long runtime
  • Easy to move around
  • Doesn’t have a wheel and handle kit
  • Poor packaging

WEN 56200i – Best WEN Generator for RV


  • Running watts: 1600
  • Starting watts: 2000
  • Runs 10 hours at 50% load
  • Low harmonic distortion
  • 51 decibels of noise
  • Parallel ready
  • 2-year warranty

The WEN 56200i is the most compact generator you’ll find. It’s encased in a hard plastic shell to protect the internal components of the generator. WEN’s 56200i is a portable genset with a top non-slip grip handle so you can easily lift the device off the ground.

Its fuel cap is situated on top of the shell so you’re able to pour gas inside the tank without spilling. The outlets, grounding nut and operational switches are located at the back of the generator so you have easy access to the control panel. The rubber feet at the bottom of the WEN 56200i ensure it will stay securely in place especially when you’re using it on construction sites or in a workshop.

WEN 56200i-5

WEN’s 56200i is a lightweight generator that can be lifted and moved with ease without straining your wrists or back. It’s an inverter generator so the engine runs silently which makes it perfect for campsite use. The 56200i is a powerful device that doesn’t produce any high electrical spikes. This means you’re able to connect sensitive electrical devices to it, such as laptops, gaming consoles, tablets and Smartphones.

This is an inverter generator so it reduces its carbon emissions for safer and cleaner air. It has a pull starter that allows you to power up the generator without much effort.
The WEN 56200i portable inverter generator has an EPA III and CARB compliant 76.7CC 4-stroke OHV engine that provides 2000 surge watts and 1600 rated watts. It also has a low-oil shutdown mode that will automatically switch off your generator when fuel is low to prevent damage to your device.

It comes with an overload protection mechanism that prevents power surges. This ensures the protection of all electronic devices connected to the generator. The WEN 56200i portable inverter generator has one 12V DC outlet, one 5V USB port and two three prong 120V outlets. The integrated parallel connection ports allow you to connect an additional WEN generator to provide more power for extra devices.

  • Compact
  • Quiet
  • Safe for sensitive devices
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to set up
  • Can be difficult to start up
  • Poor customer service

WEN 5613k – Best Powerful WEN Generator


  • Running watts: 11.000
  • Starting watts: 13.000
  • Runs 7.5 hours at 50% load
  • Includes generator tool kit
  • CARB compliant
  • Automatic voltage regulator
  • 2-year warranty

The WEN 5613k gas powered generator is a large portable and home-based device. It has two wheels at the back and a foldable handle that you can use to move it. WEN’s 5613k engine is located at the bottom of the device with a twin-cylinder to allow the engine to run smoother without any noise. The gas tank is located at the top of the WEN 5613k for convenient access when you need to top the generator up with fuel. All the power outlets, switches and operational mechanisms are positioned on the side of the generator and caps are placed over them. This is to ensure dust and water won’t enter these components.

The WEN 5613k gas powered generator is a powerful device that can provide electricity to essential and sensitive appliances simultaneously without drops or spikes. Because it’s a portable generator you’re able to move it around. Additionally, the 5613k has an integrated hour counter to give you a visual of how long the generator has been running. The hour meter is also convenient when you want to maintain a schedule of when the generator is powered on.

WEN 5613K -4

This gas-powered generator can be used to power up high maintenance devices such as refrigerators and freezers. It’s also safe to plug in Smartphones directly into the device as it won’t damage sensitive electronics.

WEN’s 5613k generator has low oil shut down sensor that will automatically switch the engine off when it’s short on fuel. It’s important to have a low oil shutdown sensor as it prevents your generator from getting damaged.

This model has a powerful 670cc 4-stroke OHV engine that provides 13.000 surge watts and 11.000 rated watts which is powerful enough for bigger homes. The 8-gallon fuel tank will allow the generator to run 7.5 hours at half a load. Plus, it has four integrated 120V 20A outlets, one 120V 30A outlet and one 120V/240V outlet

  • Very powerful
  • Twin-cylinder engine
  • Doesn’t make much noise
  • Integrated engine switch
  • Large fuel tank
  • Some owners had problems with leaking fuel tank
  • Hour meter is not very accurate

WEN 56352 – Best WEN Generator with Easy Start


  • Running watts: 3000
  • Starting watts: 3500
  • Runs 11 hours at 50% load
  • Engine noise level is 67 decibels
  • EPA approved
  • Recoil starters
  • 2-year warranty

The WEN 56352 is a large portable generator that’s powered by gas. This device includes a wheel kit and a handle that can be folded down for easy storage. You can move the WEN 56352 effortlessly as it’s relatively light and the wheels run smoothly.

WEN’s 56352 engine is located at the bottom of the device for a more streamlined application. The fuel tank is on top of the WEN 56352 for convenient access when you need to top it up with gas. The operating panel with the outlets, power switch and ground terminal are located on the side of the shell. This makes it easier for you to set up the device on your property.

The generator has a pull start and an engine switch so you can turn the device on without hassle. The engine is quiet so you can keep it running at night in neighborhoods. The WEN 56352 also has overload protection so it won’t cause any damage to sensitive appliances in your home such as laptops, consoles and Smartphones. This WEN generator has consistent power so there you won’t experience electrical spikes or drops. It can be used on camping grounds, construction sites as well as schools and workshops.

WEN 56352 -2

The fuel gauge on top of its body gives you a visual on how much gas is left in the tank. This allows you to top the generator with fuel when it’s running low. The model has a powerful 212cc OHV 7HP engine that produces 3500 starting watts and 3000 running watts. The 4-gallon gas tank allows up to 11 hours of run time at half a load.

The WEN 56352 generator has an integrated hour meter that allows you to maintain schedules of how long the device runs. It also has a volt regulator for when you need to switch from high maintenance appliances to sensitive electrical devices. Plus, it features a convenient low oil shutdown sensor that will automatically switch the engine off when it’s running low on fuel. You can check how much gas is in the tank by viewing the digital fuel gauge.

  • Safe for national parks
  • Exceptional fuel economy
  • Powerful engine
  • Difficult to set up
  • No automatic start up

Buyer’s Guide

Generators are marketed according to their power output that’s measured in watts. The amount of watts they deliver determines how many electrical appliances and lights it can power simultaneously. The consistency of the generator’s power will give you an indication of how well the application will run.

In a typical home you’ll need a generator that has a rating of approximately 5000 watts (W) to power all the essential electrical appliances at once, such as:

  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • Lights
  • Phone charging point

If you list the appliances that you feel need to be powered on during an outage, it will give you an indication of the number of watts you need. Here are a few examples of basic appliances with their watts:

  • AC system: 1000W
  • Refrigerator: 600W
  • Computer: 65W – 300W
  • Stove: 1000W – 3000W

Add up the watts from all the appliances you’d like to keep running during an outage to determine the watts you need your generator to have.

7 Best WEN Generators-6

What Type of Generator Do You Need?

Portable Generators

The portable home generators cost less than standby generators as they’re not so powerful and do not require professional installation. These generators can be moved around and are typically taken on camping trips where there are no power points.

Portable generators mostly run on gasoline so you may have to store gas to provide fuel for the application to work. A stabilizer is needed for portable generators to ensure longevity.

An easily portable generator can be 3000W to 8500W depending on the brand and model. The best portable generator is the WEN 5613k as it’s extremely economical and fuel efficient.

It’s advised that you never run a portable generator in an enclosed area as it emits high levels of carbon monoxide which can be a danger to your health. Run the generator 20 feet away from your home as an extra precaution.

7 Best WEN Generators-5

Standby Generators

The home generator is a fixed application that’s installed onto your property. These generators cost the most money as they’re built to withstand harsh conditions. You should get the home generator installed by a professional electrician as they can assist with reducing the application’s noise, provide the ideal location for your unit and handle municipality permits.

The advantage of a fixed home unit is that it will start up automatically when there’s a power outage. These units also have self-diagnostics systems that inform you when you need to service your generator.

To power your home generator, you can use propane which is less of a hazard to store than gasoline. Or use natural gas that can produce an unlimited amount of power. The power supply for these units is between 5000W and 60,000W.

Inverter Generator

The engines of the inverter generators are complex so they will cost more than portable units. But the advantage of these units is they produce less noise as they only provide power to basic appliances connected to the application. Inverter generators have premium exhausts. This lessens the noise of the unit.

Inverter generators are sustainable as they produce fewer emissions. The power of these generators can be between 3000W and 6500W. An example of an inverter generator is the WEN 56200i. It has an extremely powerful engine but it only produces 51 decibels of noise which is considered to be quieter than most generators.

7 Best WEN Generators-3

Battery Powered Generators

The portable power station is battery operated. You can charge yours by plugging it into an electrical output or a solar panel. Battery powered generators are light and easy to move around and they produce no noise.

The battery-operated generator is sustainable because it doesn’t need fuel for the application to operate. This means battery powered generators don’t emit carbon monoxide which makes them safe to use indoors.

The only disadvantage is that battery operated units are not as powerful as gas applications and you have to charge them regularly. But they are the best units to take on camping trips as they will provide the power you need for lamps and cell phones with no noise or pollution.

Safety Features

Some newly manufactured portable generators have integrated safety switches to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. This feature is a built-in sensor that will automatically shut down your generator when high levels of CO have been detected.

There are also units that have efficient engines that emit less carbon monoxide for safety reasons.

Always follow the safety guidelines when using a generator. The generator must be placed outside with the exhaust facing away from your home so you don’t inhale CO emissions.

7 Best WEN Generators

Generator Features to Consider

Automatic Start Up

A feature you shouldn’t compromise on is the automatic start-up as it can save you a lot of hassle when there’s a power outage. The generator will automatically power on when your electricity is shut off.

This feature is beneficial if you are a frequent traveller or you work long shifts because you can’t always get home in time to ensure your main appliances are still running. Your fridge and freezer must always be on the main list of appliances to keep your food fresh when the electricity goes out.

Manual Star Button

If you don’t have an automatic start up generator, you can opt for a manual electrical button. When there’s a power outage, simply press the start button to power up your generator. You’ll need to install the button in a location that’s easily accessible.
Low-Oil Shutdown

This feature will automatically shut down your generator when it’s running low on fuel. Running the generator without fuel can damage the application. So, the low-oil shutdown ensures the unit stops working when it detects a shortage of fuel.

The WEN 56551 generator has an integrated low-oil shutdown function that protects the unit from damage by shutting it down when it’s low on fuel.

Fuel Gauge

A fuel gauge will give you a visual of how much gas the generator has used and when to top it up. You may find that it’s a beneficial feature especially if you experience frequent power outages. It helps you maintain the fuel levels in your unit.

7 Best WEN Generators-1


Q: What does an automatic transfer switch do?

A: A transfer switch connects a fixed or portable generator to a circuit panel using one cable. This feature switches a load between two sources to prevent back-feeding the electrical utility. Without an automatic transfer switch, it could fry your electrical appliances and damage the generator.

Q: How do I know what size generator I need?

A: To find out what size generator you need, you’ll have to consider how many appliances you want to keep running and the size of your home. Smaller units produce fewer watts so you can power only a few essential appliances such as refrigerators, freezers and stoves.

Bigger units can have the capacity to power all your appliances and your property’s external & internal lighting.

Q: Can the voltage of a generator be changed?

A: A generator has two types of connections: reconnectable or non-reconnectable. If your generator is non-reconnectable the voltage can be changed. The voltage can’t be changed if it’s a reconnectable unit.

Q: What is the difference between kilowatt (KW) and kilovolt-Ampere (kVA)?

A: The difference between kilowatt and kilovolt-ampere is the power supply. Kilowatt (KW) is the measurement of real power whereas kilovolt-ampere is the unit of apparent power. The kVA value will always be higher than KW.

KW is the unit of measurement used to determine the power of American generator brands. The rest of the world uses kVA as a unit of measurement for generator sets.

Q: What is a parallel connection?

A: Some generators have a parallel connection output that allows you to connect a second generator to the application. Typically, two generators can increase generator capacity and reduce electrical drops.

It’s advised that you connect two generators of the same brand as it will be easier to set up the parallel connections. This is because they have the same outlets and cables.

If you use two different brands for your parallel connection the installation will be more complex and you may need a professional to assist you.

Q: What happens when a generator is overloaded?

A: An overload occurs when you have too many electrical appliances connected to your generator that exceed the application watts. If your generator overloads, it could cause a surge and damage sensitive appliances such as smartphones & laptops.

Overloading can also cause your generator to overheat which will break the appliance. Some generators come with a safety feature that automatically turns the device off when there’s an overload.

If you’re looking for a generator with an overload protection switch the WEN 5610i might be the right model for you. The WEN 56310i generator’s protection switch will automatically shut off the application if an overload has been detected.

Q: How do you reduce your carbon footprint with a gas generator?

A: Some generators, namely the WEN 56310i, have an eco-mode that optimizes fuel economy by adjusting consumption as you plug and unplug appliances. This lowers carbon monoxide emissions for cleaner and safer air.

Another way you can reduce your carbon footprint is to purchase a battery powered generator. These generators don’t need gas to run the appliances so there will be no carbon emissions.

7 Best WEN Generators-2


When the electricity goes out your routine might be compromised because you won’t be able to cook dinner, do the washing or even watch your favorite TV shows. That’s why a generator is a convenient device to have around the home during storms and power outages.

But ensure you purchase a portable inverter generator such as the WEN 56200i which we recommend. You can take it with you on camping trips or places where there are no power outlets.

The WEN 56200i generator is powerful enough to provide electricity to high maintenance appliances such as refrigerators and tumble dryers. This generator also has a silent engine and reduces carbon emissions. So, if you’re searching for the best WEN generator that’s sustainable and produces no noise the WEN 56200i portable device might be the application you’re looking for.

Be pro-active and prepare for any scenario!

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