9 Best Inverter Generators: Quiet Efficiency

Why are the best inverter generators so popular right now? Let’s figure it out!
Inverter technology has permanently changed the game for both electronics and appliances. Essentially, the feature converts DC currents into AC currents, ‘chopping’ it up and turning it into more of a periodic oscillation rather than a continuous current. Why is that a good thing? Well, by cutting up the steady supply and creating a sinusoidal wave instead, you still get the same consistent power at better economy.

So, it’s really no wonder why most appliance and electronics manufacturers have turned to inverter technology to bump up their products’ practical appeal. But what if your actual power source used inverter tech?

Meet inverter generators. Designed to be far more economical than the standard generator, inverter generators can run the same amount of time on less fuel versus the conventional power generator. In effect, you get the same power at better fuel efficiency. But that’s not all there is to them.

For the most part, inverter generators are smaller and lighter, making them far more portable. And in most cases, they’re a heck of a lot quieter which probably has you sold by now.

So, the only real question left to answer is – what is the best inverter generator on the market? With tons of choices, you might feel a little overwhelmed. That’s why we’ve listed the 9 best picks currently battling it out to take the cake as the ultimate fuel-efficient energy source.

Overview table

Not everyone knows the ins and outs of inverter generators, and that’s probably why you’re here in the first place. To help ease your search and guide you towards the right purchase, we’ve put together a list of the best inverter generators currently on the market.

We took several factors into account to give you an accurate ranking including portability, noise level, ease of use, fuel efficiency, and overall value to serve you nothing short of the top performers. Here are our recommendations:


Editor choice 1 Honda EU7000iat1
Honda EU7000iat1
(Best Powerful Inverter Generator)

Inverter generators were first introduced into the market by Honda, making them one of the leaders in the niche. Their EU7000iat1 rises to the top as our best bet, boasting the best value, performance, and power all around.

2 Champion 75537i
Champion 75537i
(Best Smart Inverter Generator)

This model from Champion features all the essentials you’d want in an inverter generator, with the sole distinction that it comes with effortless wireless controls for supreme convenience.

3 Champion 100263
Champion 100263
(Best Dual Fuel Inverter Generator)

Propane or gasoline? Whichever you choose, the 100263 generator from Champion can give you clean energy that’s consistent and reliable for hours on end.

4 Briggs & Stratton P4500
Briggs & Stratton P4500
(Best Eco-Friendly Inverter Generator)

This burly genset boasts power, efficiency, and ease-of-us, all contained in an extra heavy-duty protective shell that defends against all types of weather.

5 Pulsar PG4000iSR
Pulsar PG4000iSR
(Best Heavy-Duty Inverter Generator)

Rugged and powerful, Pulsar’s PG4000iSR features an impact-resistant frame that completely conceals all working parts for better resistance to damage, wear, and tear.

6 WEN 56225i
WEN 56225i
(Best Silent Inverter Generator for Camping)

Did you hear that? Probably not. The WEN 56225i is exceptionally quiet, operating at around 50dB give or take to serve you power that doesn’t wake up the whole neighborhood.

7 Atima AY2000i
Atima AY2000i
(Best Convenient Inverter Generator)

Compact and lightweight, the Atima AY2000i is one of Yamaha’s best inverter generators, offering supreme convenience with its clever features and seamless controls.

8 Yamaha EF1000iS
Yamaha EF1000iS
(Best Compact Inverter Generator)

At only 27.6 pounds, the EF1000iS is small yet powerful, ideal for hikes and camping trips, when packing on extra weight just isn’t an option.

9 Dirty Hand Tools 104609
Dirty Hand Tools 104609
(Best Small Budget Inverter Generator)

Clocking in at just a little over $200, the Dirty Hand Tools 104106 reinvents the idea of budget-friendly, bringing sublime performance that matches more expensive items on our list without putting a dent on your wallet.


1 Editor choice

Honda EU7000iat1 – Best Powerful Inverter Generator


  • Starting watts: 7000
  • Running watts: 5500
  • Run time: 9 hours at 50% load
  • Noise level – 52 to 60 dB
  • Weight: 262 lbs
  • Tank capacity: 5.1 gallons
  • Eco-Throttle System

Inverter generators were Honda’s brainchild. After having introduced the innovation into the market over a decade ago, Honda created brand new demand. Naturally, the brand took it upon themselves to further their idea, pushing them to create some of the most impressive releases in the niche.

Their EU7000iat1 comes in at the top of our list for several good reasons. For starters, the engine was designed for supreme power and efficiency. Fuel injection technology prevents choking problems and lets your engine run smooth from the moment it’s ignited.

Delivering sustained power over hours at a time, the Honda EU7000iat1 uses state-of-the-art Eco-Throttle technology that reduces fuel consumption by optimizing the air-to-fuel ratio in the cylinders. Not only does this extend your fuel, but it also allows a cleaner burn, reducing carbon emissions compared to other traditional generators.

Honda Eu7000iat1_4

Once she’s all fired up, the EU7000iat1 will produce anywhere from 52 to 60 dB of noise. At around 10 feet away, the unit will be absolutely silent, which is perfect for operating your generator in residential areas. It also boasts an intuitive air-cooled system that keeps the machine safe to touch no matter how long you keep it running.

On top of all these selling points, the EU7000iat1 makes it incredibly easy to get things going. An easy to use control panel houses everything you need to operate the machine, including a clever iMonitor that tells you all the dirty details on your machine, including hours, RPM, wattage, and battery volts.

The downside? Well, there isn’t really anything to nitpick about in terms of the EU7000iat1’s performance. But the biggest clincher is its price. At such a price, these premium inverter generators can be well out of most of our budgets. And if you’re interested in portability, it’s worth knowing that the EU7000iat weighs in at a hefty 262 pounds.

  • Eco-Throttle further improves fuel economy for better consumption and lower carbon emissions
  • Relatively quiet operation
  • Convenient iMonitor keeps all pertinent system information easy to read
  • Intuitive control panel makes for effortless use
  • Fuel injection technology relieves issues with choking
  • Air-cooled engine keeps the machine cool to touch
  • Being quite expensive, these inverter generators can set you back quite a lot
  • Pretty heavy compared to its peers

Champion 75537i – Best Smart Inverter Generator


  • Starting watts: 3100
  • Running watts: 2800
  • Run time: 4 hours at 50% load
  • Noise level – 58 dB
  • Weight: 96.6 lbs
  • Tank capacity: 1.6 gallons
  • Wireless remote start

The Champion 75537i is our winner when it comes to smart functionality. This machine comes with a wireless remote that lets you start up the engine from up to 80 feet away. For more advanced controls, the machine features a quick-touch panel with an intuitive layout so you can fine-tune your settings with relative ease.

Power-wise, the 75537i runs a modest 2800 watts. That’s because the machine was designed to juice up sensitive electronics that might not be able to take the surging power of more aggressive units. Of course, that might not seem too impressive compared to the Honda EU7000iat1’s 5,500 running watt rating, but it is enough to power up hand-held electronics, low-power appliances, and a few power tools.


The 755371i’s design is also pretty impressive. The entire machine uses a cast iron casing that is especially resistant to corrosion, wear, and tear. On its side, a foldaway handle lets you haul the thing around on its never-flat tires. The machine’s rear showcases grilles that help to cool the internal workings, keeping the unit safe to touch after hours of operation.
If you’re looking for an inverter generator for light usage on electronics and low-demand appliances, then the 755371i from Champion might make a sound purchase. But if you were interested in a machine that can fire up bigger energy hogs, then this model might fall short of expectations.

Perhaps a few flaws that we found with the machine is that it has a pretty limited gas tank capacity. Maybe that was something the brand had to sacrifice to keep the thing compact, but 1.6 gallons can be frustratingly insufficient for longer periods of use.

It’s also unfortunate how the stickers on the surfaces can be pretty pale especially when exposed to moisture and sunlight. They can fade and peel beyond recognition after just a few weeks under the sun, so unless you can memorize what each element on the board is for, it would pay to cover the machine up when outdoors.

  • Wireless remote start makes it convenient to run even from a distance
  • Cast iron casing is resistant to wear, tear, and corrosion
  • Clever quick-touch panel allows effortless operation and usage
  • Perfect for low-consumption electronics and appliances that might be easily damaged by more powerful generators
  • Comes with a lengthy 3-year warranty and free technical support for a lifetime
  • Small fuel tank capacity means having to replenish your gas way too often
  • Labels and stickers tend to peel with just a little exposure to sun and moisture

Champion 100263 – Best Dual Fuel Inverter Generator


  • Starting/running watts (Gas): 3400/3100
  • Starting/running watts (LPG): 3060/2790
  • Run time (Gas): 3.74 hours at 50% load
  • Run time (LPG): 7.25 hours at 50% load
  • Noise level – 59 dB
  • Weight: 95.7 lbs
  • Tank capacity: 1.6 gallons (gasoline)
  • Dual fuel feature
  • Parallel ready

Meet the Champion 100263 – the only inverter generator on our list that runs on both propane and gasoline. Giving you the option to use whatever source is available to you, the 100263 makes a versatile, flexible choice for a variety of purposes.

Aside from that, there are a few other features that can make the 100263 a sound investment. Its intuitive control panel makes it easy to get things going, even without a user manual. The touch start feature fires your engine up effortlessly, and seamlessly laid out controls let you take control of the system without the guesswork.

Boasting an economy mode feature, the Champion 100263 can be programmed to run on even less fuel, depending on your needs. It also comes ready with a Parallel connect feature that lets you hook up to another Champion generator to max out your power.

As you might expect, the unit boasts that quintessential Champion build, featuring a durable exterior fitted with never-flat tires and an easy foldable grip for effortless transport. Sure, it’s not the lightest generator on the list, but at 95 pounds, it shouldn’t be too difficult to tow.

The downsides? Well, just like the 75537i from the same brand, the tank capacity could use a bump. It’s also worth noting that this model pushes a $1,000 price tag which, considering its power, might seem a little too much.

  • Dual fuel functionality adapts to your situation for better versatility
  • Control panel features an easy layout allowing seamless operations
  • Durable build that’s worthy of the Champion name
  • Parallel connect feature lets you hook up to another generator for more power
  • Air-cooled engine prevents accidental burns and injuries
  • Small gas tank capacity can be a chore to refill
  • Not exactly the cheapest choice on the list

Briggs & Stratton P4500 – Best Eco-Friendly Inverter Generator


  • Starting watts: 4500
  • Running watts: 3700
  • Run time: 8 hours at 50% load
  • Noise level – 59 dB
  • Weight: 115 lbs
  • Tank capacity: 3.5 gallons (gasoline)
  • CoGuard auto shut off

Of course, all inverter generators emit less carbon gas than traditional models. But there are some that go the extra mile to help you minimize your carbon footprint even further. The Brigs & Stratton P4500 is the perfect example of an eco-friendly generator, boasting a unique feature that shuts off the unit when it reaches dangerous carbon monoxide levels.

Build-wise, the P4500 is also pretty impressive. Its heavy-duty shell contains all working parts, preventing damage to the interior mechanisms and extending the life of your generator. On its rear, two never-flat tires let you keep the machine in tow over virtually any kind of terrain, easing the process of transportation.

9 Best Inverter Generators: Quiet Efficiency

Clocking in at 3,700 running watts, the P4500 is a pretty formidable opponent if we’re talking power. The system can run a couple of energy hogs without tripping, enabling you to operate more intensive appliances like refrigerators and air conditioning units without killing off other smaller items.

Ease of use is yet another strong suit for the P4500. It takes no more than 4 steps to get the engine running, and choking becomes effortless with the automatic choke feature that frees your hands after ignition. On the side panel, you’ll find all of the controls bunched together in a quick-access area for seamless operation. All sockets and indicator lights can be found on the other side of the generator, keeping everything nice and organized for better visual appreciation of the status monitor.

Eco-friendly, efficient, and intuitive, it seems the P4500 has everything going for it. But its bulky body weighing 115 pounds and its difficult-to-reach oil compartment can make it a bit of hassle to move around and manage. If you can forgive those issues though, then the P4500 might make a suitable choice.

  • CoGuard carbon monoxide auto shut off feature prevents the emission of too much harmful gas
  • Suitable running watt rating at 3,700, sufficient for operating multiple appliance at once
  • Intuitive display panel relieves the guesswork of understanding how your generator is running
  • Heavy-duty weatherproof exterior is especially durable against moisture and heat
  • Automatic choke feature lets you leave the machine to manage air-to-fuel ratio without the need for your intervention
  • Pretty heavy at 115 pounds
  • Oil compartment is out-of-reach

Pulsar PG4000iSR – Best Heavy-Duty Inverter Generator


  • Starting watts: 4000
  • Running watts: 3500
  • Run time: 15 hours at 50% load
  • Noise level – 63 dB
  • Weight: 92.6 lbs
  • Tank capacity: 3.5 gallons (gasoline)
  • Impact resistant shell

With all of its working parts encased in an impact resistant shell, the Pulsar PG4000iSR pushes the limits of heavy-duty. This burly design was made to stand the test of time, wear, tear, and weather, giving you an investment that was built to last. Its rugged construction was made to tread even the most dangerous of terrain, coming equipped with never-flat tires that make it effortless to pull around on uneven paths.

Rated at 3,500 running watts, the Pulsar PG4000iSR also makes a great companion for more demanding households. The machine delivers consistent power for delicate electronics, but is also capable of firing up more intensive appliances like air conditioning units and refrigerators. It’s also worth mentioning that the machine can run a whopping 15 hours on half load – more than double that of other choices.

On its control panel, you’ll find a range of different elements including outlets, light indicators, its one-touch on switch, and its dedicated economy mode button. Its oil compartment can be found off to one of its side panels, making it a breeze to change and replenish oil. From a distance, the PF4000iSR can be fired up with its remote control that works from several feet away.

Of course, there’s no such thing as the perfect inverter generator. While the PF4000iSR tries to be a worthy unit – which in a lot of ways, it actually is – there are some downsides to the design. For starters, it makes quite a lot of noise at 63 dB. Aside from that, this is one of the few generators that will call for a break-in period. So, make sure you don’t load it up to its max capacity right out of the box.

  • Impact resistant shell works well to resist all sorts of damage for longer lifespan
  • Impressively long runtime in comparison with other models
  • Durable never-flat tires can easily glide over the most uneven terrain
  • 3,500 running watt rating which is more than enough for most appliances and electronics
  • Easy access side panel lets you control every aspect of your machine with relative effortlessness
  • Comes with a remote control for on and off from a distance
  • Relatively noisy at 63 dB
  • Requires a break-in period

WEN 56225i – Best Silent Inverter Generator for Camping


  • Starting watts: 2250
  • Running watts: 1800
  • Run time: 6 hours at 50% load
  • Noise level – 53 dB
  • Weight: 48.5 lbs
  • Tank capacity: 1 gallon
  • Universal parallel connection

Designed for silence, the WEN 56225i runs a maximum of 53 dB when running at full capacity. But dial down the load, and you can reduce noise even further, pushing the lower limit to 49 dB for supreme silence. That makes the WEB 56225i perfect for use in residential areas, or for indoor spaces where noise tends to magnify.

The machine features an easy quick-access panel that fits all the outlets, controls, and indicators you need for smooth operation. At the bottom right of the panel is a universal parallel connection feature that lets you link with any other compatible generator – regardless of brand – to bump up power.

The WEN 56225i uses a lightweight 48.5 lbs body contained in a heavy-duty reinforced plastic casing. Along the top of the device is a built-in thick grip handle that lets you carry the thing around like a bulky suitcase. Rubber feet at the bottom of the machine keep it steady in place when set-up on an inclined surface.

On the initial surge, you’ll get around 2,500 watts of power, which tapers down to just 1,800 watts as the machine stabilizes. That lets you power up a range of lightweight devices like laptops, smart phones, and tablets with sustained, gentle power that doesn’t burn their internal workings.

The WEB 56225i can be great for camping trips and short power outages when you want to fire up just the bare necessities. But its small capacity might make it inconvenient for situations that call for a sustained temporary power source. Other than that, it also takes a little extra muscle to get started, calling for three to four pulls to get the engine revved up.

  • Compact design is lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Silent operation lets you supply energy without waking up the next-door neighbors
  • Perfect for delicate devices that can easily become damaged with more powerful generators
  • Parallel connect feature hooks up to any compatible generator from any brand
  • Limited maintenance needs thanks to its fuel shutoff feature
  • Limited application because of its small capacity
  • Recoil start can be pretty stubborn

Atima AY2000i – Best Convenient Inverter Generator


  • Starting watts: 2000
  • Running watts: 1600
  • Run time: 5 hours at 50% load
  • Noise level – 51.5 – 61 dB
  • Weight: 50.7 lbs
  • Tank capacity: 3.8 gallons (gasoline)
  • High initial surge

Sleek and slim, the Atima AY2000i is one of Yamaha’s best, featuring a well-thought-out design that makes it easy for you to get the power you need. With all of its controls and indicators located on a single panel, the device lets you read its status at a glance, doing away with the guesswork that comes with more complicated models.

Aside from that, the machine itself is pretty intuitively designed. With sleek outlines and a compact silhouette, this lightweight piece comes in at just 50.7 pounds, making it especially easy to carry around. Its slim body also makes it far more ergonomic to hold at your sides, eliminating the need to bring your shoulder out to clear your thigh as you transport the generator to a new location.

Designed with that initial starting load in mind, the Atima AY2000i comes ready to power up the most intensive of devices and appliances with its high starting load. The feature bumps up the initial surge to 2.5 times the actual current flow, providing your appliances and devices that starting kick they need before easing them into a more sustained power flow.

So, why not rank it any higher? Well, issues with noise can be pretty glaring. Sometimes, the machine will roar to over 60 dB, making it a little less than discreet. What’s more, they are a bit heavy on oil use, so expect to make changes on a regular basis.

  • Sleek body is ergonomic for carrying the machine around
  • Up to 2.5 times the power on the initial surge to fire up more demanding appliances and devices
  • Supremely convenient design with an intuitive control panel for ease of operation
  • Lightweight build at just a little over 50 lbs
  • Smart throttle tech adjusts the surge to better suit your appliances and keep them properly powered
  • Not the quietest in the bunch
  • Oil consumption is pretty rapid

Yamaha EF1000iS – Best Compact Inverter Generator


  • Starting watts: 1000
  • Running watts: 900
  • Run time: 7 hours at 50% load
  • Noise level – 53 dB
  • Weight: 27.9 lbs
  • Tank capacity: 2/3 gallon (gasoline)
  • Load sensing throttle technology

Now, if you were looking for compact, it doesn’t get any more compact than this. The Yamaha EF1000iS weighs just 27.9 pounds, making it the ideal companion for hiking, camping, or for those emergencies when a secondary energy source might be needed for a short period of time. Its quaint little body is especially easy to carry around, letting you pack it along with relative ease.

But of course, with such a small body, the design also comes with minimized functionality. Its 2/3-gallon tank might be a whole lot smaller compared to some of the other choices on the list, but it pays to keep things in perspective. Essentially, the EF1000iS was designed for short-term use and emergency situations. So naturally, it won’t work for those extended periods of power shortage.

As a pretty small contender, it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the purpose that it serves. The tiny device features an intuitive control panel, a sturdy body, and impressive noise reduction tech that keeps it fairly quiet even at full capacity.

Yamaha EF1000iS -4

What we really love about it though is its smart throttle function that adjust the energy surge to meet your electronics and small appliances’ needs. The intelligent feature can save your most prized devices from damage, and promises sustained energy to maintain hitch-free functionality.

On the downside, the EF1000iS does take a while to start especially in colder environments. Also expect to spend some time watching over the choke since the device doesn’t come with an automatic choke feature to manage air-to-fuel ratio.

  • Impressively compact at just over 27 lbs
  • Perfect for firing up low-demand devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets
  • Effective noise reduction technology
  • Smart throttle regulation adjusts to your devices’ needs
  • Straightforward design for seamless use
  • You might need to manually choke it
  • Takes s a while to start especially in colder environments

Dirty Hand Tools 104609 – Best Small Budget Inverter Generator


  • Starting watts: 800
  • Running watts: 700
  • Run time: 8 hours at 50% load
  • Noise level – 58 dB
  • Weight: 19 lbs
  • Tank capacity: 0,55 gallon (gasoline)
  • Automatic idle

At just a little over $200, this budget-friendly choice doesn’t lag behind when it comes to performance. The nifty Dirty Hand Tools 104609 is tiny at 19 pounds, and features a running wattage rating of just 800W. So, while it’s not necessarily the most powerful, it can be just right for bare minimum.

Many of those who own it use it for charging devices during camping trips, or for keeping their router and other personal gadgets alive and kicking during a power shortage. So, if you’re looking for something for those unforeseen electricity hiccups, the Dirty Hand Tools 104609 can be a suitable investment.

Dirty Hand Tools 104609 -2

Other than that, it’s all industry standard. A control panel, USB outlets, and a few other electrical outlets line the control pane. An accessible fuel and oil compartment can be found on top of the build. Rubber feet keep it in place, and a fixed carrying handle allows easy transportation.

For those bare minimum moments, this model from Dirty Hand Tools can be just what you need. But keep in mind that it isn’t fault free. Issues with build quality can dampen the user experience. And because the device is pretty compact, figuring out where it stands during operation can take a load of guesswork.

  • Ultra-light at just 19 lbs
  • 800W of running power can be more than enough for gadgets, a fan, or even a television set
  • Automatic idle lowers the power surge as the machine detects lowered demand, helping to save fuel
  • Simplistic design does away with distracting fancy bells and whistles
  • Fairly fuel efficient
  • Build quality isn’t the best and might even feel flimsy at times
  • Not that intuitive when it comes to indicators and meters

Buyer’s Guide

With a bunch of these babies pushing the $1,000 mark, you might feel obligated to do your research and find out just which one truly deserves that kind of money. And you’re absolutely right. Buying an inverter generator isn’t something that you should just dive into, especially because they can be pretty expensive.

To find out whether you’re on the right track, it helps to know what makes a good inverter generator. If you’re on the brink of clicking that buy now button, take a moment to consider these factors.

Champion 75537i -4

Running Watts vs Peak Watts

During your hunt, you’ll likely read these two terms a whole bunch of times. What exactly do they mean? Well, watts are a measure of power, telling you how much the generator can produce and giving you an idea as to what appliances and devices they can juice up all at the same time.

Most houses will need anywhere from 3,000 to 6,500 watts to run all of the devices, appliances, and electronics you need. With that rough estimate, you can already kind of picture out what the generators on our list can and can’t do.

For instance, the Honda EU7000iat1 runs a massive 5,500 running watts and 7,000 peak watts. Essentially, that means you could probably run your entire home on this model, as opposed to the Dirty Hand Tools 104609 that only generates up to 800W of power.

While that might seem pretty straightforward, it also helps to know that machines will run different peak and running wattage ratings. For instance, the Champion 75537i clocks in at a peak of 3,100 watts, and a running rating of 2,800 watts.
What that basically means is that during a surge, the machine will give out around 3,100 watts of energy. We owe that to the fact that generators won’t always provide consistent energy, especially during start-up when it might churn out more power to get your devices going.

Always pay attention to the running watts before settling on a purchase. If a device starts out with a peak rating of 3,000 watts which tapers down to 2,500 running watts, then it might not be able to completely power up your home.

9 Best Inverter Generators

Noise Level

Most traditional generators will produce quite a lot of noise, and the same goes for inverter generators. These machines can get pretty loud depending on each individual design, and unless you want to wake up the entire neighborhood, it would be wise to factor in just how noisy they can get.

Choices like the WEN 56225i are especially quiet, with a maximum noise rating of 53 dB. Then there are noisier models like the Pulsar PG4000iSR that comes in at 63 dB. Again, it’s important to note that manufacturers will often blur the lines when it comes to noise levels to help bump up their sales. There are minimum and maximum noise ratings, and often, what they show you is the minimum unless specified.

So, if an inverter generator is said to produce 50 dB of noise, then that might be the minimum, which is rarely ever achieved. Things like the load capacity and the place where you keep the generator while in use can significantly impact just how noisy it can get.

9 Best Inverter Generators Quiet Efficiency -1

Fuel Efficiency

No one wants to keep running back and forth to keep refilling an inverter generator. That’s why it would be smart to check the available models for fuel efficiency features that can help extend their use. Those with auto shut down, auto idle, and smart throttle features can be far more economical.

On average, a single gallon of fuel can last up to an hour, depending on the specific model and the weight of the load that you impose on it. Other generators like the Champion 100263 let you choose between two different fuel sources – gasoline and propane – to give you more options to fit your needs.

9 Best Inverter Generators Quiet Efficiency -3

Ease of Use

We’re not all savvy when it comes to engines and technical mumbo jumbo, and being faced with a whole lot of buttons and levers to move and control might seem a little overwhelming. Not to mention the fact that in an emergency situation, you’d probably want something that starts up without a hassle.

Ease of use should be one of your main considerations when picking out an inverter generator. Options like the Champion 75537i are equipped with features like a remote control that make starting and stopping your machine from a distance as easy as pie. Then there are others like the Atima AY2000i that might eat up a bit of time with its recoil start-up.

If you’re not too much of an engineering buff, consider models that serve up practical, intuitive controls that you can figure out at a glance. It will make your generator more usable, letting you appreciate its purpose more fully.

9 Best Inverter Generators -4


Your last consideration should be portability. Inverter generators are designed so that they can be carried around virtually anywhere. Bigger models will have handles and wheels that let you tow them around your space. Others are essentially suitcase-sized power banks that you can lift and haul wherever you might want to take them.

Keep in mind that the bigger the generator, the more power it will deliver. That stands true for the only Honda inverter generator on our list which might not be the easiest to bring around, but delivers enough power to fire up your entire home.

9 Best Inverter Generators -5


For emergencies, for work, for leisure – whatever your purpose, know that there’s an inverter generator out there for you. With larger models that can light up your entire home, to more modest little units that are designed for bare minimum, the range of inverter generators can be pretty overwhelming to navigate. Which one do you think is right for you?

Our top pick? None other than Honda’s EU7000iat1 that delivers a strong enough punch to keep your entire home operational from ceiling to floor for close to 9 hours. Of course, if you were interested in something a little less aggressive and a little more compact, there are a bunch of other choices on our list that might just satisfy your fancy.

Make sure you check out our recommendations and find out just why they made it on our list. Discover the best inverter generator for your situation and invest in a model that delivers reliable, sustained power to fit your needs.

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