9 Best Generators for Food Trucks: Great Business Partners

All mobile businesses that require power cannot succeed without using the best food truck generator.

Have you been wondering why people google generators for food trucks? Food trucks are one of the most lucrative mobile businesses one can mention nowadays. However, to operate them successfully, you will need generators capable for powering them.

The best generators for food trucks are not that easy to come by, for obvious reasons. You don’t always know what to buy, considering the many products available in the market. Again, you have to be sure about the specifics before you can make up your mind on a particular model. So, we have put together the top 9 best generators for food trucks in 2019 to make the selection simple for you.

The Importance of Generators for Food Trucks

The food truck industry is extremely profitable, and the trend is booming. Thanks to both the internal and external setup and fittings that characterize food trucks. Thus, they are highly attractive to customers.

The external fittings are perhaps the most critical aspect of a food truck because, without it, people will not know what it’s inside. You can call it the “signpost” of the business. It includes the lights that will illuminate the contact areas around the serving doors and windows. And don’t forget other lightings such as wiper lights, windshield lights, and more. 

You might be wondering; what about the internal fittings of the food truck? They are equally as important as the external accessories. The inside of your food truck setup may be the refrigerator installed to store the ingredients needed to make the food. You may need to run the fridge 24/7 to ensure that the food retains and maintains its freshness. These may include a deep freezer that helps preserve the meats and other vital condiments. 

You may need a fryer to get French fries, and there may be a need to power an oven, bake some bread, and keep it warm. Even the drink fountains are not left out. They will need the power to cool and equally dispense your beverages. Oh, lest we forget; the dishwasher too; it will need the power to clean all the utensils. Thus, you can see that everything about your food truck business requires power generation to succeed. And the only way to guarantee that is by getting a generator for food trucks.     

Overview table

Before we proceed, we have made a short compilation of some of the best generators for food trucks that your money can buy right now. You can give your food business a big boost with one of these!

Editor choice 1 Westinghouse Wgen9500
Westinghouse Wgen9500
(Best Performing Generator for Food Truck )

Ideal heavy-duty generator with long-lasting backup power that is suitable for preserving your food on a long-distance journey.

2 Honda Eu700Oiat
Honda Eu700Oiat
(Best Quiet Generator for Food Truck)

Effectively powers your food truck all day and night with lower noise level to reduce noise pollution in built-up areas.

3 Champion 7500
Champion 7500
( Best Dual-fuel Generator for Food Truck)

Specifically designed to fit in different conditions without sacrificing quality. Efficient output and convenience.

4 Briggs & Stratton 30663
Briggs & Stratton 30663
(Best Clean Power Producing Food Truck Generator Set)

Generates high electricity output to power up energy-intensive food equipment and meet the demand of any restaurant on wheels.

5 Firman H08051
Firman H08051
(Best Easy-To-Switch Dual-Fuel Food Truck Generator)

Offers superior flexibility for generating raw power to quickly run large appliances and tools during an emergency or while you are on the road.

6 Yamaha EF6300OiSDE
Yamaha EF6300OiSDE
(Best Compact Generator for Food Truck)

Very portable for easy maneuverability. This one produces clean, regulated power that is eco-friendly.

7 WEN 56877
WEN 56877
(Best Generator for Continuous Use )

Highly mobile and easily maneuverable to cater for your specific food preservation needs. 6.5-gallon fuel tank will allow you to use this generator for 9 hours at half load.

8 Cat RP6500E

Supplies durable hours of runtime to meet the power needs of any food truck. Keeps you up and running whenever necessary.

9 JEGS 86065
JEGS 86065
(Best Food Truck Generator for Medium-scale Use)

Perfectly fits into most trucks for easy set-up within a short notice. It’s capable of working hard all day without hitches.


1 Editor choice

Westinghouse Wgen9500 – Best Performing Generator for Food Truck


  • 457cc Westinghouse 4Stroke OHV Engine
  • 9500 running watts
  • 12500 peak watts
  • Key Fob Electric and Recoil start
  • 6.6 Gallon Fuel Tank
  • Noise level of 74 dBA
  • 12V battery charger
  • Comes with: Oil and oil funnel + Tool kit

Westinghouse is the go-to brand for those who are searching for the best generator for a food truck. The ideal backup power generator will ensure that the items on your food truck are safe. That is what this generator offers. 

At 6.6 inches, the tank size is particularly encouraging and reliable. The gasoline inside the tank can run and last up to 15.5 hours of use. That is an excellent deal for someone that operates a food truck business. It is especially useful for your food truck air conditioner if you are going on a far distant to distribute products. Starting this generator is like taking a stroll down the park. You do not need to stress when you can conveniently get it up and running by using the remote functionality. 

At 200 pounds, this generator isn’t the lightest, but considering the amount of power it offers, you can move it about quickly.

The heavy-duty design easily handles your mobile power needs. The controls are intuitive, and the modules are user-friendly. It requires a minimal assembly to set up. The WGen9500 runs at 9500 watts and can reach a peak of 12500 watts, which is excellent for powering substantial appliances.

We studied why people are buying this generator, and the answer isn’t much of a surprise. A generator that delivers long hours of run time is enough to attract buyers. That is why we recommend it as well.

  • High level of power
  • Portable and easy to move around
  • Easy to use with remote start
  • Runs for a long time without refueling
  • CARB and EPA compliant
  • Not the best in noise levels

Honda Eu700Oiat – Best Quiet Generator for Food Truck


  • 389cc Honda GX390 EFI OHV Engine
  • 5500 running watts
  • 7000 starting watts
  • Weighs 261 pounds
  • Noise level of 52-60 dBA
  • 6.5-hour runtime (at 50% load)
  • 5.1-gallon capacity fuel tank

The food truck business is lucrative, but no one will take you seriously if all you do is disturb the peace of the neighborhood. Honda is a trusted brand when it comes to manufacturing quality. Their machinery is some of the best in the world, and the Honda Eu7000iat generator is no exception.

This generator operates at just 58 dba from a range of 23 feet. That makes it one of the quietest on this list. But does that mean it sacrifices power for quietness? Not really. The Honda Eu7000iat food truck generator delivers an unbelievable 5500 running watts of power while boasting 7000 starting watts ratings. Yes, we call it incredible considering the low amount of sound it emits. Therefore, if you want to minimize the noise levels of your food truck, you may find this one helpful.

Nevertheless, we noticed that these excellent benefits come with a few setbacks. First, this generator weighs 261 pounds, which is one of the heaviest on this list. Again, you can only get 6.5 hours of runtime from it at ¼ loads. That will prove to be a big challenge for people who run their business on a long stretch.   

So, is it recommendable? Well, it depends on personal needs. If the ultimate goal is to get something that is quiet, irrespective of the downsides, one can go for it. But, if time and weight are critical factors for your business, you might want to look elsewhere.

  • Extremely quiet in operation
  • Strong power output
  • Double and easy starting mechanism
  • Comes with three years warranty
  • The runtime is low
  • It is cumbersome

Champion 7500 – Best Dual-fuel Generator for Food Truck


  • 439cc engine operation
  • Gas and propane compatible
  • 7500 running watts/9375 starting watts (Gas)
  • 6750 running watts/8400 starting watts (LPG)
  • 6 gallons of gasoline tank support
  • Noise level of 74 dBA
  • 12/240V operation

Here comes the Champion portable generator with dual functionality. The generator is remarkable because it supports the use of fuel or propane. These options can affect positively a kind of business that needs to cut down on cost. It is also ideal for as an excellent backup option in the event of fuel scarcity.

The generator, when running on gasoline, offers 7000 of running watts and 9375 starting watts to deliver powerful outputs capable of powering most of your appliances. One of the surprising aspects of this generator is that it isn’t as loud as many people think. However, the loudness will depend on what the individual considers noisy. You can run this generator for 8 hours while carrying 50% load on a full fuel tank. When you try running it on propane, it will produce 8400 starting watts and run at 6750 watts. At full capacity, the generator will run for 5.5 hours while carrying a 50% load capacity. That is if you are carrying a 20 pounds propane tank.

Many people also like the auto shut down design when oil is low. By that, you will not have to worry about your generator suffering from overheat. 

Weighing 202 pounds, this is also another heavy generator. So, if weight is a key factor in your consideration, don’t hurry to buy this one.

In all, this model is worth buying if you are looking for something not necessarily portable, but versatile across all fronts.

  • Dual fuel functionality
  • Quite powerful
  • Versatile
  • Comes with three years warranty
  • Not the quietest

Briggs & Stratton 30663 – Best Clean Power Producing Food Truck Generator Set


  • 420cc OHV engine
  • 8750 starting watts
  • 7000 running watts
  • 120/240 volts
  • 7.5-gallon fuel support
  • 12-inch flat-less wheels
  • 29.1 surge amps
  • Recoil/electric start
  • Noise level of 76 dBA

Briggs & Stratton are one of the pioneers of gas-powered generators in the market. The company is famous in the manufacturing of lawnmowers, gasoline engines, pressure washers, generators and more. The Briggs & Stratton 30663 is part of this unique product line of the company, and it didn’t disappoint either.

Starting this generator is simple, seamless, and straightforward. However, what grabs people attention is the power surge it generates. The generator produces 25% more in power surge watts, which allows you to power up your large appliances and tools.  The generator produces 8750-max watts capacity and 7000 running watts.

The run time is very encouraging. A half load of 7 gallons gas tank will give you 9 hours of constant use. Add this to a hassle-free operation! The control panel will show you all the necessary information about its engine condition and the key electric start will make it running in a few seconds.

It is recommended for those looking for portable, but powerful generator. Excellent run time and never flat wheels are the very best features that Briggs & Stratton can offer.

  • Electric start encourages quick use
  • Solid, never-flat tires
  • Comes with a panel that has circuit protection
  • It has 3-years limited warranty
  • Not parallel-ready

Firman H08051 – Best Easy-To-Switch Dual-Fuel Food Truck Generator


  • 439cc Firman engine
  • Dual fuel: gasoline or propane operation
  • 10000 starting watts/8000 running watts (Gas)
  • 9050 starting watts/7250 running watts (LPG)
  • 5.5t propane regulator
  • Tank size: 8 gallons
  • Run time: 12 hours
  • Weight: 221 pounds
  • Noise level of 74 dBA

Here is one of the most reliable dual-fuel generators producers in the market. The generator gives you superior flexibility during an emergency or while you are on the road. You can use either gas or propane as to run the generator. Many people like it because it is straightforward to use. All the modules are conveniently visible for easy access. So, you can switch between gas and propane quickly.

The run time is also very encouraging. You can achieve 12 hours of runtime while on a 50% load capacity. Thanks to its 8000 watts of run time and 10,000 watts of starting on gasoline, this model guarantees that you can power all your appliances, including your food truck. The 8-gallon fuel capacity also means you can embark on a long journey while selling your food products.

Starting the engine is a breeze, and the functionality operates handsomely. So far, the unit has not disappointed in any way. The portable design means it will fit well on buses and RVs.

However, before we can recommend this generator, one has to consider the weight. At 221 pounds, this is one of the heaviest generators on this list. 

So, if weight is an issue to you, then you may have to look elsewhere. If not, it would make a good purchase.

  • Highly reliable
  • Powerful
  • Not as loud as expected
  • Easy to start
  • Dual fuel options work great
  • CARB compliant
  • Very heavy

Yamaha EF6300OiSDE – Best Compact Generator for Food Truck


  • 357cc OHV air cool engine
  • 5500 running watts
  • 6300 starting watts
  • 12/1hAh battery
  • 4.5-gallon fuel tank
  • Wireless remote control
  • Fuel level gauge
  • Power meter
  • Noise level of 64-93 dBA

Yamaha is a reliable brand when it comes to manufacturing machinery, and this generator is a top-quality product.

The generator runs on gas power and can deliver reliable power supply to cater for your food truck needs. The fact that it carries a CARB compliant pass entails excellent quality.

The generator provides 5.500 watts of continuous power supply while reserving the ability to reach 6,300 watts. With such power output, it can conveniently power up many of your small-sized appliances. It will also fit well into small spaces to power the air conditioner used for food truck businesses.

Yamaha EF6300OiSDE-1

Since it uses an inverted to generate power, the energy it supplies is clean and it produces less noise than conventional generators produce. That is good if someone is concerned about the environment. The run time can reach up to 13.3 hours on consistent 1/4 load capacity using a single tank of gas.

Furthermore, this generator boasts of numerous user-friendly features such as fuel level gauge, power meter and hour miter. They make maintenance hassle-free. Plus, you are able to operate a variety of 120V and 240V tools and appliances. 

Again, the noise block design makes this generator a nice one to use, as it is quiet and does not disturb the peace. Together with versatility and ease of use these features makes this model worth consideration.

  • Very quiet
  • Eco-friendly
  • Mid-level power supply
  • Fuel-saving efficiency
  • Compact and easy to move about
  • Not for heavy-duty use

WEN 56877 – Best Generator for Continuous Use


  • 420cc 15 HP OHV engine
  • 7000 running watts
  • 9000 surge watts
  • 6.5-gallon fuel tank
  • 120V 20A three-prong receptacles
  • Weight: 210lbs
  • Automatic voltage regulator
  • Noise level of up to 82 dBA

The new WEN 56877 generator is reliable for powering many of the essential tools people use in their homes or outside the home.  It provides 9000 starting watts and takes it from there to 7000 watts for continuous use. With this power, you can keep your HVAC system running, including the one on your food truck. That means your foods will stay cold, and your basement will stay dry no matter the storm.  

The tank can take 6.5 gallons of fuel without any problem. That in return will give you 9 hours of continuous usage at 50% load capacity.

The fact that you can roll it about easily – thanks to its two well-rubberized tires – makes it compatible for many applications. You can use it at the parks, at home, for camping, in the farm ad for your food truck business. In all, it will you covered at work and at home and anywhere you need it.

All the modules on this generator are neatly set up, so you get first-hand access to them quickly. It is ideal for running long hours of business operations. 

Apart from many reasons why you may recommend this one, WEN includes a two-year warranty against manufacturer defects. But you may want to think twice if you don’t like bulky generators. This model weights 210, which may not be bad for users who don’t need to move it constantly. 

  • Easy set-up
  • Move around conveniently
  • Package includes free tool kit
  • Two years warranty
  • High power level
  • Noisy
  • A bit bulky

  • 420cc OHV engine
  • 8125 starting watts
  • 6500 running watts
  • 7.9 gallons tank
  • LED-lit panel
  • 120/240 volts of AC
  • 12 hours runtime at 50% Load

CAT is a famous brand who is at the forefront of manufacturing some of the most reliable machines in the markets. The industrial engines and power generators they produce are famous for supplying durable hours of output without maintenance. The RP6500E is a typical example of such quality.

Cat RP6500E-1

When you look at the design and overall construction, it is not hard to see that the CAT R6500E is a sturdy, but portable machine. The generator comes with a tank capacity that accepts 7.9 gallons of fuel. That can give you a runtime of 12 hours of continuous use at a load capacity of 50%.

The CAT also surges at a power range of 8125 and runs at a power of 6500 watts. What it means is that you will have a sufficient amount of energy to preserve your food products. It also functions well for other mobile business you operate. The good thing is that you can decide to use it even at home if there is a blackout. On this note, one can courageously recommend this generator to potential buyers.

  • High power projection
  • Perfect for mobile business
  • Sturdy construction
  • Double folding hand-bar enhances mobility and storage
  • No indications of noise level, many users find it noisy

JEGS 86065 – Best Food Truck Generator for Medium-scale Use


  • 223cc, 7.5HP OHV engine
  • 4250 running watts
  • 5000 starting watts
  • 9 hours runtime at 50% load
  • 5.20R outlets
  • Oil alert lamp
  • Built-in fuel gauge
  • Noise level of up to 68 dBA
  • Charging cable IRV adapter

Let us get it straight out here. The JEG 86065 is not the heavy-duty type of generator. So, don’t expect it to deliver high-level performance in terms of powering many appliances. The truth is that this generator only runs at 4250 watts. As for the 5000 watts rating, it has to do with the surge power it produces, which you shouldn’t mistake for power output. We hope that is clear enough.

Now, the JEGS 86065 is nevertheless a very portable generator that has a lot of things confirming its popularity. Even as compact as it looks, the generator runs for a continuous period of 9 hours at 50% load capacity. That means it packs excellent power and runtime that makes it remarkable for smaller food trucks.

The generator will fit in perfectly on buses and RVs without causing any inconvenience. It is the ideal choice for people who have issues with storage space. At 4 gallons of a gas tank, this generator will keep your mobile business going without spending much on maintenance.  

Of course, like every other generator, you would expect this to make some noise, which it does. But, the sound is not that bad. It is an excellent option for small-sized businesses that do not need to power large appliances.

So, if you are not going on a long journey with numerous appliances, this is the what you need for moderate usage.

  • Highly compact and portable
  • Low-medium power level
  • Perfect for small tasks
  • Highly mobile and safe space
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty tools powering

Buyer’s Guide

Considering the time you will spend in keeping the quality of your food in good shape, you need to select the right generator. On this note, we bring you the best tips that will enable you to choose the appropriate product. Below are the factors that you should consider when selecting the best generator for the food truck business.  

The Type of Generator

All portable generators for food truck look very much alike. However, you can still tell the difference between them based on the fuel they use. On this note, generators for a food truck are categorized into three different types:

  •       Gas generators
  •       Propane generators
  •       Dual-fuel generators

The real difference in the above three types of generators is the dual fuel generator. This type of generator uses both gas and propane as its sources of fuel. The good thing about these types of generators is that they come handy in times of emergency when one or more fuel products are scarce.  A great example of such a generator is the Champion 7500-watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator.

Champion 7500

If you consider selecting a dual fuel generator for food trucks, make sure to go for the type that comes with easy-to-follow instructions. That way, you won’t find the manual too difficult to understand.

 Size and Weight

Generators for food trucks are available in different shapes and sizes. The bigger the size, the heavier the weight of the generator tends to become. If you are considering using the generator for other purposes such as for camping or at home, the weight might be a problem. 

Most heavyweight generators measures between 210 pounds to 260 pounds in overweight. That is not a single load to pull about in a camping ground. But if you are dealing with a food truck business in which you need to power so many things, size and weight is not an issue.

Besides, the massive size of the generator doesn’t mean it has much more power all the time. There are many compact generators in the marketplace that offers plenty of power. The size and weight of your generator would become vital if you are struggling with available storage space.

Notwithstanding, one thing is sure; the smaller the generator, the smaller the tank and consequently, the lesser the runtime available to you.

Power Rendition

One of the most critical elements of a reliable generator is the power it offers.  In that case, you must first have a list of the appliances that the generator is going to power. Pencil down how many appliances you will need to run at once, and how many appliances will need constant operations. Then factor in how much would be the total cost of the amount this generator consumption would yield?

To understand the need for these appliances and the level of power usage they will attract, here are the two types of load/power consumption:

  •       Reactive load
  •       Resistive load

Devices that have reactive load will usually require more power to start up, but they consume less once they are up and running. Appliances that have motors are those that have a reactive load.

Contrary, appliances that possess resistive load typically do not require enormous power to start up. But, by the time they are running, they start to consume much power. The appliances that use this kind of load are HVAC/air conditioner systems, heating equipment like microwaves, oven, toasters, and more.  

It is most likely you will end up using both of these types of appliances in your food truck. So, take a proper look at the power range and see how suitable it will be to you. A product like the Westinghouse WGen9500 has a 12500 peak watts/loads, and 9500 running watts. That might quickly take care of all your small and heavy-duty appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, and heating elements. You compared that to the JEGS 86065 Portable Generator, which has minimal reactive load and resistive load capacity.

The amount of power the generator will give you will determine how successful you can stay in the course of your food truck mobile business.

JEGS 86065


The power consumption level of your appliances is listed under the appliance in question or the accompanying manual. You have to be careful so that you don’t get confused. While power consumption requirements of appliances are represented in amperes, the power outputs of generators are listed in watts.

You can tell the amount of power consumption your appliance would need by checking on the user manual to see how much amperes and volts it represents.

To know the total consumption power that all your appliances require, sum up the entire surge power of the appliances, and there you have it. Take the result you will get and see if the generator you want to buy matches. If it does, then you are safe. But if it doesn’t, just move on to another product.

Run Time Functionality

Runtime is the number of hours your generator can operate without stopping. To get the generator with the appropriate runtime for you, first, define your food truck working hours. If you are operating extended hours, the best thing to do is to select a generator with medium power but with higher run time. The JEGS 86065 Portable Generator is a typical example of a medium power generator with huge, 9 hours of runtime. 

Emission & Regulatory Compatibility

Choose a generator that has less harmful emission. Information about the emissions level of the generator is usually in the description area or the user manual.

If you buy a generator with low emissions, you are helping to preserve the ozone layer and the environment. It ensures that people working nearby are not affected.

If you are not too sure about the emission level, go for a generator with an EVA badge. Also, check for the emission standard in your area to make sure you’re on the right path. You might receive up to $40,000 in fine if you are using a prohibited generator when the law only permits EVA class generators.

eco-friendly propane


Your mobile business and food truck services will not stand if you lack the best generator for food trucks.

The best food truck generator will ensure that your food preparation, preservation, cooking, and delivery services are safe to your advantage. They have the real power, the perfect watts, and favorable runtime to bring you the success that you need.

Our best generator for food truck review has covered everything. You can confidently consider the options before you and select the one that meets your needs. Just make sure you double-check on the information you have now. If possible, you can do further research online.    

However, if you are still not confident yet, and you want our help – here it is. The best generator for food trucks that we found is the Westinghouse WGen9500. It has the right power, the perfect runtime, and service durability you may need.

Just make sure it is correctly set up, and you would be glad to buying one of the most useful appliance for your food truck.  

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