6 Best DuroMax Generators: Maximum Power

There’s nothing as soothing as knowing there’s an alternative power source you can rely on, and that’s the feeling you get when you invest in DuroMax Generators.
Unarguably one of the best generator brands, DuroMax have proved their worth manufacturing generators which cut across different specifications and needs, making them flexible and suitable for use in any environment or condition. So, it’s safe to say they’re actualizing their vision of Powering everyone, anywhere.

If you can’t decide which DuroMax generator to go for, then you’ll want to read this article. We review the 6 best DuroMax generators and our choices are influenced by our experience, as well as that of other users. You’ll be sure to find one or more models of the generator which match your requirements before the end of this article.

That’s not all. We understand how confusing it gets having to choose one, out of many products which offer similar value. So, we put together a buying guide which highlights the factors to consider before investing in a DuroMax generator as this will help you make the best choice. But first, let’s look at the overview.

Overview Table

The overview table highlights some unique features and benefits of each model. Compiling this table, we wanted to make it easier for you to match what each reviewed DuroMax generator model have to offer, with what you need.


Editor choice 1 DuroMax XP4850EH
DuroMax XP4850EH
(Best dual fuel Duromax Generator)

The propane-fuel option makes using the generator cost efficient, eco-friendly and safer. We recommend using this generator, especially in regions that experience wild fire as propane isn’t as inflammable as gasoline.

2 DuroMax XP12000EH
DuroMax XP12000EH
(Best DuroMax Generator for Home Backup)

We strongly recommend investing in this generator because at 12,000 starting watts and 9,500 running watts, this unit is a very good home backup.

3 DuroMax XP2000EH
DuroMax XP2000EH
(Best Inverter DuroMax Generator)

If you’re planning a camp, a tailgate party or any occasion that needs portable backup power, then this is the generator set you want to buy.

4 DuroMax XP4400E
DuroMax XP4400E
(Best DuroMax Generator for RV Camping)

As a versatile generator, it saves you money you would have spent buying a generator for outdoor use and another for RVing needs.

5 DuroMax XP13000E
DuroMax XP13000E
(Best Whole House DuroMax Generator)

If you’ve been searching for a generator that can conveniently carry all your household appliances during the stormy weather or power outage, search no more. This is it. It can easily power your air conditioning system.

6 DuroMax XP4000S
DuroMax XP4000S
(Best Light-duty Emergency Back-up DuroMax Generator)

We recommend this model of DuroMax generator for light-duty emergency backup applications, as that’s what it’s specially designed for.



1 Editor choice

DuroMax XP4850EH – Best dual fuel Duromax Generator


  • Dual fuel technology
  • Running watts (Gas/LPG): 3850 / 3273
  • Starting watts (Gas/LPG): 4850 / 4123
  • DuroMax MX2 power boost technology
  • Run time at 50% load (Gas/LPG): 12hr / 16hr (5 Gal)
  • Low oil indicator lamp and shut-off sensor
  • 7 HP air-cooled OHV engine
  • Noise level: 69 dBA
  • Heavy duty frame with four point fully isolated motor mounts

With dual fuel technology, this generator is a dream come true. The generator runs on both gasoline and propane, which could be beneficial especially when one fuel is unavailable, but the other is. Your use of either fuels would be dependent on knowing their pros and cons.

Propane as an alternative fuel is a step towards promoting the use of eco-friendly fuel as propane is a cleaner-burning fuel. However, propane is not best for use in extremely cold weather conditions as its regulator’s tank is susceptible to freezing, which makes gasoline a considerably better alternative.

On the other hand, gasoline produces more energy than propane does but is not eco-friendly as it does not burn cleanly. It emits a higher number of toxins into the atmosphere and leaves carbon deposits in the generator’s engine would could be harmful to the engine on the long run.

DuroMax XP4850EH-6

The XP4850EH has a flexible line which, at a frequency of 60Hz, allows it to connect to tanks of any size. It has a fuel capacity of 4 gallons and an estimated maximum AC output of 4,850 watts, making the generator fit to handle the power needs of most household items including air-conditioners and refrigerators.

As with all DuroMax generators, this has a heavy-duty frame built with cast iron sleeves. As a way of self-preservation, there’s an indicator lamp which lets you know when the oil is low. This feature is vital because oil, as a lubricant helps the generator run smoothly with little or no friction. Therefore, you should always know when to top-up.

There’s a key-start switch which, as the name implies, powers on the generator. This makes turning on the generator effortless. There’s also a circuit breaker which guards the generator and the facility it powers against damages that would have been caused by excess current due to overload or short circuit.

The model runs on an air-cooled DuroMax 7HP, 212cc OHV engine and you could choose between operating the generator at both 120 volts and 240 volts simultaneously, or at 120 volts only with full power.

  • It’s easy to start the generator
  • Relatively quiet
  • Reliable engine
  • As a hybrid generator, it gives you the flexibility of using either gasoline or propane
  • The generator is economical and supplies all the power you’ll need to run a household
  • The tyres and handles attached to the frame of the generator makes it easy to move around
  • Sturdy construction
  • A lot of users have complained that it’s difficult to fix the generator when it breaks down
  • Although it’s said to be guaranteed, it’s not the generator set as a whole- just parts of it. This means there are certain parts you’ll have to replace yourself should they need to be replaced even within the guarantee time.

DuroMax XP12000EH – Best DuroMax Generator for Home Backup


  • Dual fuel technology
  • Running watts (Gas/LPG): 9500 / 8075
  • Starting watts (Gas/LPG): 12000 / 10200
  • DuroMax MX2 power boost technology
  • Run time at 50% load (Gas/LPG): 10hr / 5hr (5 Gal)
  • Surge arrest
  • Low oil shut off
  • Noise level: 69 dBA
  • Uses both key ignition and recoil start
  • Powered by a 457cc, 18 HP OHV Engine

Just like the previously reviewed generator, this generator also operates on dual fuel technology which gives you the freedom of running your generator on gasoline or liquid propane. The option of using propane helps you save money as research shows that propane is 33% more efficient than gasoline and less expensive.

DuroMax XP12000EH, alias ‘The Beast’, is powered by a 457cc, 18 Horsepower DuroMax OHV Engine which can produce up to 12,000 watts of energy that can comfortably carry the energy load of multiple appliances from as little as bulbs to high amperage power tools. The idle control, surge control, and low oil shutoff jointly contribute in extending the service life of this generator.

To save fuel and reduce noise, the idle control lowers the rotation per minute of the generator when it’s not in use. This generator also has an oil indicator like the previously reviewed DuroMax model, but unlike that model, this one shuts the generator off when it senses low oil level. This goes a long way in preserving the engine of the generator that would have been damaged by friction.
Another feature you’d appreciate is the surge arrest which protects the generator from damages caused by the interrupted flow of electricity (power surge). Without this feature, you’ll probably have to add a generator to your budget list every month.

DuroMax watts

It gets more interesting.The generator has two 120 volts receptacle and its MX2 technology ensures you get the maximum power outage from each of the 120V receptacle. This means you can decide to run the generator on both 120V and 240V simultaneously, or at 120V only with full power.

There’s a power panel attached to the frame of the generator which includes a wide selection of outlets for maximum compatibility. It includes a 12V direct current charging posts for charging external batteries. Other attachments located on the power panel are: one 120V 30A twist lock outlet, 1,240V 30A outlet 1240V 50A outlet and a 2,120V household ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet, which is responsible for shutting off electric power when it senses an imbalance between outgoing and incoming current.

Running the generator on propane doubles its fuel life making it an efficient, low-maintenance solution for your home standby needs. With a full fuel tank, the generator can stay on for more than 8 hours.

  • DuroMax XP12000EH has an all metal construction which makes it tough and capable of withstanding the toughest job sites
  • It provides an efficient and low-maintenance solution for your home standby needs
  • The surge arrest of the generator protects the generator from power surge
  • During hurricane and similar atmospheric conditions, this is a great choice
  • The generator can run for as long as 10 hours with a full fuel tank
  • It’s easy getting the generator to start using the electric start
  • Its low oil shutoff protects the generator
  • You can run it on both 120V and 240V simultaneously
  • It’s not efficient on propane – only 5 hours at half load
  • Starting the generator with the pull rope is difficult
  • Most users complained that the wheels the generator comes with are not strong enough to carry the generator, so they changed the tires themselves.

DuroMax XP2000EH – Best Inverter DuroMax Generator


  • Digital portable inverter technology
  • Dual fuel technology
  • Running watts (Gas/LPG): 1600 / 1520
  • Starting watts (Gas/LPG): 2000 / 1900
  • Pull start
  • Economical mode (Eco mode)
  • Run time at 50% load (Gas/LPG): 8hr / 20hr (5 Gal)
  • Fully featured power panel
  • Surge arrest
  • Noise level: 52 dBA at 25% load

The DuroMax XP2000EH generator is a super-efficient small generator set, weighing just 47 pounds but capable of generating up to 2000 watts of power! It’s a small but mighty model. It’s weight, handle and structure make it easy to carry around. The generator goes a step further in providing you with quality service with its inverter technology.

Inverter technology offers clean stable power for sensitive electronics and the benefits of high-quality output, higher fuel efficiency, quiet operation and parallel capability. What the last stated benefit (parallel capability) affords you is the luxury of bridging two smaller, lighter generators to do the work of a much larger generator. But to do this, you’ll need to purchase a parallel kit which is sold separately. This can cut on fuel cost that would have been spent on the larger generator.

This generator tows the line of the two previously reviewed models as a dual fuel technology generator. While running on propane, its running and peak watts respectively are 1,520 and 1900. On gasoline, its peak watt is 2000 while its running watt is 1,600.

DuroMax XP2000EH_4

Depending on the load the generator set has to carry, it can run for as long as 6.78 hours on gasoline and 21.46 hours on propane! The gasoline tank capacity of this model is 1.19 gallons, while its suggested that the suggested tank size of propane is 20 gallons.

Propane is usually a better choice of fuel because of its eco-friendly, economic and storage advantages. Gasoline is also a great choice because of its constant availability. However, gasoline not drained off but left in the fuel tank could cause complications to the generator.

To further reduce noise and minimize fuel consumption, the generator uses an idle control to lower its RPMs when not in service/use. You could also say the idle control puts the generator on economical mode.

The generator comes with propane hoses, oil funnel, regulators and a spark plug wrench. It operates on an engine speed of 4500 rpm and uses a 3 HP 80cc, 4 cycle air-cooled spark-ignition engine. Its power panel houses a 2120V household GFCI outlet.

  • It’s easy to carry around
  • Its size consumes little storage space
  • As a dual fuel technology generator, it offers you the opportunity of choosing between propane and gasoline
  • Impressively long run time on propane
  • Relatively quiet
  • Less emissions
  • The recoil start is not the most convenient way of starting a generator, and could pose as a challenge for some people
  • Not powerful enough for home backup

DuroMax XP4400E – Best DuroMax Generator for RV Camping


  • Gasoline powered
  • Running watts: 3500
  • Starting watts: 4400
  • DuroMax RV switch
  • Fuel tank capacity of 4 gallons
  • Run time at 50% load: 12hr
  • Uses both electric start and manual recoil
  • Noise level: 69 dBA
  • Operates on a 7 HP 208cc, air-cooled 4 stroke OHV engine
  • Electric start

DuroMax comes through again with this gasoline powered portable generator. Operating on a 7 HP 208cc, air-cooled 4 stroke OHV engine, the generator produces up to 4,400 watts of power starting with 3,500 running watts. This makes it a suitable generator for indoor and especially outdoor activities. Outdoor activities such as camping and working on job sites.

The engine generates power enough to handle multiple jobs requiring different power volume. That’s why it easily fits as power source for indoor and outdoor appliances. As an RV generator, it shuts down when the fuel tank is ¼ empty. This helps in two ways: it reminds the user to top-up fuel and preserves the engine life of the generator as forcing the generator to run on empty fuel could damage it.

DuroMax XP4400E -2

DuroMax XP4400E has two 120V receptacle, that’s a total of 240 V receptacle. It’s not necessary to run the generator using both at a time, but if you choose to do so you can. DuroMax RV switch helps you alternate between running the generator on both 120V and 240V simultaneously, or at 120V only with full power.

A full fuel tank of 4 gallons can run for 12 hours on half of its maximum rated load, which should be 2,200 watts. To make the generator easier to use and monitor, there are various meters and control buttons by its side. For example, the voltmeter helps you monitor the output range of the generator while its running.

This model employs the use of an auto-throttle to reduce the noise it emits. It successfully does this only up to 69 decibels, which could be considered noisy in some environments. What the generator lacks in silence, it makes up for in power production.

  • It’s easy to start the generator using its electric switch
  • Long run time
  • The wheels and handles make it convenient for you to move the generator around
  • The generator shuts down when the fuel in the tank is ¾ spent
  • Courtesy of its low oil shut down feature, the generator is protected from damages which could occur from running on little or no oil
  • You can run it on both 120V and 240V simultaneously
  • At 69 decibels, it’s a relatively noisy generator
  • Storing gasoline in the fuel tank for a long time could damage it
  • This is not the best generator to use in regions which experience wildfire as gasoline is highly inflammable
  • Although the wheels and handle make transporting the generator easier, still, it could be difficult to wheel this 120-pound generator

DuroMax XP13000E – Best Whole House DuroMax Generator


  • Gas powered
  • Running watts: 13.000
  • Starting watts: 10.500
  • Electric/ recoil start
  • Run time at 50% load: 8.5hr
  • Fully loaded power panel
  • 20HP, 500cc overhead valve engine
  • Noise level: 74 dBA

Pause for a second and imagine investing in a generator that conveniently powers all the appliances in your house. Relieving right? The DuroMax XP13000E generator is a new DuroMax generator model powered by a 20HP, 500cc OHV engine. It can surge up to 13,000 watts from the 10,500 watts of running power it starts with. Do you know what this means? It means it can power household essentials from as low as light bulbs to your homes central air conditioning system. It conveniently powers high voltage appliances and heavy-duty power tools.

The power panel of the generator is fully featured, consisting of a wide selection of outlets including 2 2120V household GFCI outlet, 1 120V 30A twist lock outlet, 1 240V 30A outlet, 1 240V 50A outlet, a voltmeter ad 12V DC charging posts. These may be a bit confusing, so let’s explain their functions.

DuroMax XP13000E -4

The GFCI outlet protects electrical wiring and receptacles from overheating and catching fire. It also reduces the chances of electric shock. The concept of a twist-lock outlet is not complicated to figure out. The twist lock gets its name from the way the plug is inserted and twisted to keep it plugged in the generator. This way, the steady vibrations of the generator has no effect on it. The charging posts as its name implies are used for charging external batteries. Each of these outlets work as individual breakers to prevent overloading.

Additional features put in place to protect the generator are surge arrest and low oil shutoff. The former protects your generator from power surges which occur when electricity flow is interrupted, while the latter shuts down the generator when the oil level gets low. There’s an idle control which lowers the speed rotation of the generator when it’s not in use. This way it saves fuel.

The fuel tank capacity of the generator is given as 8.3 gallons and can run for up to 8.5 hours at half load. You get a free oil funnel, spark plug wrench, tool set and wheel and handle kit with this generator.

  • Very powerful, which make it perfect home backup option
  • Starts with a push of a button
  • Features recoil start as a backup option
  • Every part of the generator is backed up by an additional feature
  • Its all-metal construction protects the generator even in the roughest environments
  • Many safety features
  • The warranty it offers is limited
  • The generator emits 74 decibels of sound. This is considerably noisy
  • Bulk and heavy

DuroMax XP4000S – Best Light-duty Emergency Back-up DuroMax Generator


  • Gasoline powered
  • Running watts: 4000
  • Starting watts: 3300
  • Recoil start type
  • Run time at 50% load: 8hr
  • 7 HP, 208cc air-cooled overhead engine
  • 3.96 gallons fuel tank capacity
  • Oil warning/ indicator light
  • Noise level: 69 dBA

Running on a 7HP, 208cc overhead engine, the generator produces 3300 and 4000 running and peak watts respectively, which is enough to handle the power need of most household appliances.
The power panel houses the volt / ampere outlets and voltmeter. Each outlet works to ensure maximum and steady compatibility between the generator set and the appliances it powers. Of course, the voltmeter measures voltage output.

DuroMax XP4000S -4

You can tell how much oil is left in the generator using the oil indicator light. You should check this regularly to know when to top up oil because oil helps the generator run without friction. DuroMax takes securing your generator one step further with the low oil shutoff. This sensor shuts off the generator once it senses the oil is low.

A full fuel tank of 3.96 gallons is enough to run this generator for 8 hours +. To make transportation of the generator easier, it is equipped with a wheel and handle set. The engine of the generator is started using a generator pull cord.

  • The perfect generator for light duty emergency backup
  • Relatively long run time
  • Oil indicator makes maintenance easier
  • It’s ideal for a wide variety of uses
  • At 69 decibels, this generator is loud
  • Some users complain that pulling the cord to start the generator is challenging for them

Buyer’s Guide

Most people make the mistake of thinking that all that’s needed in investing in a generator set is the financial capacity. While this is a major factor needed, it is not the sole one. If do not want your generator to become a waste of money and space, there are certain factors you need to consider before adding any model to your shopping cart, especially a DuroMax generator.

The next section discusses those factors and they are arranged in no order.
10 Factors to Consider Before Investing in a DuroMax Generator

DuroMax XP13000E -1


You want to know the wattage of the generator, so that you can compare it against the amount of energy your appliances need to operate. It’s important to check this so you do not overload the generator.

Fuel technology

Some DuroMax generators can be powered by both gasoline and propane. Others run on only gasoline. If you need a generator that offers you that flexibility of choosing between fuels, go for the one with dual fuel technology, otherwise go for the regular/ single fuel technology.


The regular fuel type is gasoline, but if you’re not okay with using gasoline you can go for a DuroMax generator that uses propane as an alternative fuel. DuroMax XP12000EH and DuroMax XP4850EH would be wonderful choices to make.

6 Best DuroMax Generators

Fuel tank

The fuel tank capacity contributes to the running time of the generator, as that would determine how much fuel the generator will run on before a top-up.

Size and weight

Storage space should influence the size of the generator you’ll buy. If this doesn’t, mobility should. Smaller models of DuroMax generators, such as the DuroMax XP2000EH are usually easier to translocate and store when not in use.


Common start up options are key start switch and recoil. The key start switch is an easier alternative compared to the recoil. The recoil would require pulling a cord before the generator comes on. Some DuroMax generators use both methods, such as the XP12000EH model.

6 Best DuroMax Generators+2

Noise level

The expected noise level of the generator is rated in decibels. Your environment and neighbourhood should be put into consideration while deciding on which generator to get. If you’ll use the generator in a quiet environment, then amongst other things you should be intentional about getting a relatively noiseless generator.

Additional parts

Some DuroMax generators require additional parts which do not come with the generator before they perform certain functions. For example, the DuroMax XP2000EH earlier reviewed requires you to get a parallel kit. The parallel kit serves as the bridge between two small generators so they can function as a large generator would.

Standards compliance

To ensure the protection of human and environmental health, generators are designed with reduced emission engines, before they are approved for use by Environmental Protection Agency and issued a certificate to that effect.

Some states take this extra-seriously, such as California, so before the generator is approved and certified for use in that state it must meet the criteria of California Air Resources Board.

Most DuroMax generators are EPA and CARB approved and certified. This is often indicated in the product specifications, and when one certification is lacking it’s also specified.


All DuroMax generators have 3 years limited warranty.

6 Best DuroMax Generators-1


Searching for an answer to your question? Then you should read this section.
You might find an answer that addresses the confusion you may have about DuroMax generators amongst these Frequently asked questions.

Q: Who makes DuroMax generator engines?

A: The company (DuroMax) manufactures and services their engines in Ontario, California, USA.

Q: How do I use the 120/240V switch?

A: If you’re using a transfer switch to power your home, you should leave the 120/240 switch in the 240V position. This will run all your 120 and 240V appliances as needed.

Q: Can two generators be connected to one propane cylinder?

A: You can use a hose connector to connect two generators to one propane cylinder.

Q: Can I use natural gas?

A: DuroMax Dual Fuel generators are intended to be used with Propane or Gasoline only.

Q: Does the generator charge the battery while running?

A: Yes, it does. You will notice a recharge indicator light on the front panel that will go out once the generator is charged.

Q: What is the propane gas pressure required to run the generator?

A: DuroMax generators require a minimum of 3 PSI to operate on propane.

Q: How often do I need to change the oil? What kind of oil?

A: DuroMax recommends the 10w-30 engine oil which should be changed every 20 hours of running the generator.

Q: Where do I get replacement parts?

A: From the manufacturer. Contact them using the number provided on the leaflet.

Q: How do I drain the fuel for storage?

A: A small, safe siphon hose-pump will get most of the gas out. Alternatively, you can remove the lower cap on the fuel tap to drain the tank from there. Be ready with a catch-pan or container when you turn the fuel tap on.

Q: How long is the warranty, and where do I go for service?

A: DuroMax generators carry a 3-year limited factory warranty. DuroMax Support is available at 844-DUROMAX to assist with any service questions or issues.

If your question(s) has(have) not been answered, you can contact customer service here.

6 Best DuroMax Generators-3

Summing up

Conclusively, there are numerous DuroMax generators and selecting one may be challenging. However, the different models have certain features which make them best for use in certain environments or conditions, making it easier to choose the best DuroMax generator.

For example, the dual fuel technology generators can be used despite whatever weather conditions or natural disasters. When the weather is extremely cold, you could switch from propane to gasoline. If the region you reside in experiences periodic wildfire, you could switch from gasoline to propane.

Our favourite model of DuroMax generator is the XP12000EH, also known as the Beast. We like that you can choose between using propane and gasoline to run the generator. Propane is a great option because it’s less expensive and burns cleaner. In other words, having this generator is of economic benefit to you and to the environment. Apart from its economic benefit, the generator comfortably bears the power needs of my household appliances, including the air-conditioning system! You can use it for many years, just service it periodically.

If you feel that you’d better go for some other model. Tell us, which one seems to be the best DuroMax generator for you. We appreciate your feedback!

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