9 Best Champion Generators: The Champ of Champs

Champion Power Equipment is one of the industry leaders in power generating equipment. Engineered in North America, their machines have seen supreme popularity throughout the world market since their conception in 2003. With a wide array of generators – from portable, to home standby, to inverter engines and more – Champion takes pride in their innovative power solutions that incorporate some of the latest advancements in the industry to date.

You’re probably here because you’ve heard the good news about the best Champion generators, and you want to hop in the bandwagon. Problem is, with such a wide selection available, how can you be certain that you’ve found the ideal Champion to power your home, your job site, or your hike? Don’t sweat it – we’ve got you covered.

Our list of the 9 best Champion generators brings you all of the best choices from the brand, featuring some of their top performers from the various subcategories of power generating equipment. That said, if you’re ready to find your next alternative power source, here are our 9 best recommendations.

Overview table

The difficulty of sifting through power generators and selecting a single model is that the knowledge of these machines can be pretty technical. We don’t all know what makes a good generator, so how can we be certain that we’ve chosen the ideal machine?

To help you settle on a Champion generator that really meets your needs and standards, we’ve looked into all of the available options and scrutinized each one based on a standardized set of criteria. We looked into power, convenience, versatility, fuel efficiency, durability, ease of transport and storage, and overall value to give you a list of choices.

Here are our top 9 choices for the best Champion generator:


Editor choice 1 Champion 100263
Champion 100263
(Best Champion Inverter Generator)

Fairly lightweight for a full-powered generator, the inverter Champion 100263 delivers versatility, ease of use, and fuel-efficiency all in one package that maximizes your money’s worth.

2 Champion 100573
Champion 100573
(Best Champion Generator for Job Sites)

Durable, robust, and easy to maneuver, the Champion 100573 makes the ideal job site companion, giving you burly power contained in a supremely resistant body for even the most demanding projects.

3 Champion 100165
Champion 100165
(Best Durable Champion Generator)

Burly and built-to-last, the Champion 100165 brings you an ultra-robust machine that can last a lifetime. Powerful and fitted with a range of features for your safety and convenience, this machine roars to life with a sustained 7500-watts of energy.

4 Champion 75537i
Champion 75537i
(Best Champion RV Generator)

Portable, lightweight, and efficient, the Champion 7557i is the perfect companion for RV-living, delivering outstanding performance for the on-the-road convenience.

5 Champion 76533
Champion 76533
(Best Fuel-Efficient Champion Generator)

For those who want a long-running generator, the Champion 76533 offers a sustained 9 hours of operation at half load, letting you enjoy the comfort of a fully functional household without having to refuel too often.

6 Champion 100179
Champion 100179
(Best Standby Champion Generator)

With enough power to sustain two or even three households, the 100179 from Champion is a premium standby generator that delivers excellent, world-class performance at an equally high price.

7 Champion 100402
Champion 100402
(Best Champion Generator for Camping)

The Champion 100402 is small yet powerful, boasting a running wattage of up to 1600-watts on just 1.1 gallons of gasoline, all contained in a portable 56-pound body.

8 Champion 100110
Champion 100110
(Best Powerful Portable Champion Generator)

Producing 9200-watts of sustained running power, the Champion 100110 can power up your whole home for over 10 hours, depending on your load. Robust and durable, this heavyweight of a generator can be perfect for intensive users who want more than just the bare essentials during a power failure.

9 Champion 73536i
Champion 73536i
(Best Stackable Champion Generator)

With a small footprint and a compact body, the 48.5-pound Champion 73536i sustains an impressive 1700-watts of running power on a modest 1-gallon fuel tank. Perfect for single-dweller homes and short trips out of town, this portable pick provides everything you need for stripped-down living.



1 Editor choice

Champion 100263 – Best Champion Inverter Generator


  • Weight: 95.7 Ibs
  • Noise level: 59 dB
  • Run time: 4 hours at half load on gasoline, 7 hours at half load on propane
  • Gasoline tank capacity: 1.6 gallons
  • Starting watts Gas/LPG: 3400/3060
  • Running watts Gas/LPG: 3100/2790

The Champion 100263 has won our choice as the ultimate Champion generator for several good reasons. This efficient, convenient, and versatile choice uses a powerful inverter engine that can deliver a reliable 3100-watts of running power – more than enough to sustain most households. But even more impressive, it runs on both propane and gasoline, giving you more options for sticky situations when one or the other might not be available.

Champion 100263

The ultra-quiet inverter engine emits no more than 59 dBs of noise during operation, letting you run your alternative power source without causing a public disturbance. The engine is especially fuel efficient as well, able to push 20 hours of operation on a 20-pound propane tank. Of course, the inverter technology also means you can directly supply some of the most sensitive devices and electronics like televisions, mobile phones, and laptops, without damaging their delicate internal workings.

At less than 96 pounds, the extra convenient Champion 100263 is one of the easiest full-powered generators to tow around your space. And to add to its effortless operation, the machine features an intuitive control panel that features all of the controls and outlets you’ll need to manage your power source with little to no fuss. The only downside? The manufacturer recommends a clearance of 3 feet all around the machine during operation which can limit your use to more spacious areas.

  • Dual fuel technology lets you run the generator on both gasoline and propane
  • Inverter engine provides sustained, clean energy that won’t damage delicate electronics
  • Silent operation minimizes disturbance to you and your neighbors
  • Economy mode reduces noise and fuel consumption to let your generator run for longer
  • Quick touch panel features all the controls you need on one easy-to-access control interface
  • Requires 3 feet of clearance all around which may limit the places where you might be able to run your generator, excluding tighter spaces like pick-up flatbeds

Champion 100573 – Best Champion Generator for Job Sites


  • Weight: 202.4 lbs
  • Noise level: 74 dB
  • Run time: 8 hours at half load
  • Gasoline tank capacity: 6.1 gallons
  • Starting watts: 4000
  • Running watts: 3400

If you’re in search of a power source to fire up your tools and help you finish up your projects, then the Champion 100573 might just be for you. This generator delivers all the basic essentials you would look for contained in one durable yet relatively light package. Its powder-finished reinforced cast-iron frame is especially resistant to damage and rust, giving you a reliable companion for even the most demanding job sites.

Champion 100573 -3

Able to churn out 3500 running watts of power, the machine can operate for up to 17 hours on 25% of its full load, giving you more than enough time to breathe life into your tools without having to stop for a refuel too soon after you start. The quick-access panel features intuitively organized controls that streamline your work, and the machine’s remote-control start means you won’t have to keep walking away from your station to turn the machine on and off.

Equipped with economy mode, the 100573 lets you dial down fuel consumption and noise, perfect for less intensive power tools. And to make everything just that much more convenient, the generator comes fitted with a pair of extra heavy-duty never-flat tires that can easily glide over the most challenging terrain with supreme ease. If not for the absence of a voltmeter, the 100573 would have been perfect.

  • Powder-finished cast iron frame is especially robust against all sorts of damage
  • Easily maneuverable over uneven terrain, letting you move it through your job site with minimal effort
  • Automatic remote start activates and shuts off the machine from up to 80 feet away
  • Intuitive easy-access control panel provides all necessary buttons and meters within one organized interface
  • Economy mode dials down noise and fuel consumption for longer use between fuel ups
  • Lacks a voltmeter on the interface, so you might have to install one yourself

Champion 100165 – Best Durable Champion Generator


  • Weight: 202 lbs
  • Noise level: 74 dB
  • Run time: 8 hours at half load
  • Gasoline tank capacity: 6 gallons
  • Starting watts Gas/LPG: 9375/7500
  • Running watts Gas/LPG: 8400/6750

The Champion 100165 is a heavy-duty juggernaut that comes in at just a little over 200 pounds. This burly beast uses a heavily reinforced body, encased in an all-weather cast-iron frame that ensures protection against all sorts of damage for an extra-long lifespan. The monstrous machine conceals a powerful engine, able to deliver up to 7500-watts of running power to sustain your entire home and even a few of your next-door neighbor’s essentials.

Champion 100165 -3

The 493cc engine can run for 8 hours at half load with a 6.1-gallon full tank of gasoline. It can also run on propane, delivering 6570-watts for 5.5 hours on a 20-pound propane tank. With most houses requiring an average of 5000-watts to get all of the essentials and a few other appliances and electronics fired up, the 100165 can be more than enough to keep your entire home functional during those unforeseen power interruptions.

While she isn’t an inverter engine, the Champion 100165 does incorporate Volt Guard technology that works to protect your delicate devices from power surges. That, plus its covered outlets, low-oil shutoff, and Intelligauge feature make it especially safe to operate under even the most demanding circumstances. If you can forgive its infernal roaring at 74dB, then it might make the ideal backup power source for your home.

  • Ultra-durable all-weather cast iron frame provides excellent protection under the most challenging situations
  • Intelligauge interface delivers all the information you need about your generator’s operations at a glance
  • Powerful engine brings 7500-watts of sustained power for up to 8 hours at half load
  • Runs on both propane and gas to give you greater versatility to match any circumstance
  • Volt Guard protects your devices and appliances from potential power surges during operation
  • Generating 74dB of noise, expect the entire neighborhood to know when your generator is running

Champion 75537i – Best Champion RV Generator


  • Weight: 96.6 lbs
  • Noise level: 58 dB
  • Run time: 5 hours at half load
  • Gasoline tank capacity: 1.6 gallons
  • Starting watts: 3100
  • Running watts: 2800

For off-the-gridders or out-of-towners who want to bring the convenience of civilization with them to the great outdoors, the Champion 75537i delivers. This RV-ready power source features an extra mobile construction, using a compact 96.6-pound body fitted with never-flat tires and a convenient U-shaped foldaway handle. These features combined make the 75537i especially portable, perfect for those long trips on the road.

Champion 75537i -1

Equipped with an inverter engine, the 75537i produces clean, silent power that’s fine-tuned to supply your most delicate electronics. Despite its relatively compact size, it delivers a sufficient power supply at 2800 running watts lasting 8 hours at a fourth of the load. At maximum load, the 75537i can power all your basic RV essentials, keeping you comfortable even in the middle of nowhere.

Producing just 58dB of noise, Champion has gone out of its way to muffle the sound produced by their inverter engines. So instead of a high-pitched roar, the 75537i generates a hushed hum that easily blends into the background. And, as you might have expected, the design uses the same convenient control panel you’ll find on most of Champion’s later models, as well as a remote key start that lets you fire up your RV from up to 80 feet away. Had it come with a slightly larger gas tank, it would have been a little more convenient for overnight use.

  • Highly portable and compact design makes it incredibly convenient for on the road use
  • Delivers 2800-watts of running power which can be more than enough for RV essentials
  • Inverter engine works to deliver sustained energy that’s especially gentle on delicate devices and electronics
  • Relatively silent operation lets you enjoy the great outdoors without the sound of a loud roaring engine in the background
  • Easy remote-control start enables power control from up to 80 feet away
  • Modest gasoline tank capacity at 1.6 gallons might require routine refills especially when turned on overnight

Champion 76533 – Best Fuel-Efficient Champion Generator


  • Weight: 119 lbs
  • Noise level: 68 dB
  • Run time: 9 hours at half load on gasoline, 10.5 hours at half load on propane
  • Gasoline tank capacity: 3.4 gallons
  • Starting watts Gas/LPG: 4750/4275
  • Running watts Gas/LPG: 3800/3420

Looking for a long-running gasoline-powered generator? The 76533 from Champion can operate for as long as 9 hours on a single full 3.4-gallon tank. Doing the math, that actually makes it one of the most fuel-efficient generators on our list which definitely rings well for those who want to get more out of their power source without having to spend too much on fuel. On a 20-pound tank of propane, the 76533 can stay fired up for up to 10.5 hours at half load, which is just as impressive as its gasoline performance.

9 Best Champion Generators: The Champ of Champs

The 224cc engine concealed in the durable frame produces 3800 running watts of power which can sufficiently maintain complete household functionality in the middle of a power outage. To operate the machine, its intuitive, simplified control panel features a touch start button and Intelligauge that makes the entire process of reading your generator just that much easier.

At 119 pounds, the Champion 76533 makes a reasonable choice for at-home use. Its never-flat tires and folding handle allow simple storage and set-up anywhere around your home. The only problem is that its oil drain is impractically positioned right over the lower frame support, splattering residual oil all over the frame when being emptied out.

  • Exceptional fuel efficiency lets you run the generator for longer without having to use too much fuel
  • Dual fuel engine takes both propane and gasoline for added convenience and versatility
  • Delivers 3800-watts of power that can sustain an entire household
  • Volt Guard technology works to protect your delicate devices from potential power surges
  • Intelligauge feature lets you understand your generator’s performance at a glance
  • Poor oil drain positioning leaks all over the frame when emptying – be ready with a makeshift solution

Champion 100179 – Best Standby Champion Generator


  • Weight: 520 lbs
  • Noise level: 63 dB
  • Run time: Unlimited
  • Fuel capacity: Unlimited
  • Running watts LPG/Natural gas: 12.500/11.000

Now, the Champion 100179 might be a lot different from the gas and propane generators we’ve previously discussed. The main distinction? This standby generator can provide power to your home for 24 hours, 7 days a week, making it an incredibly intelligent investment – for those who have what it takes to make the purchase. As the best stand-by generator from Champion, the 100179 runs on natural gas or propane, tapping into underground lines of natural gas that gives you a virtually unlimited supply of fuel.


Delivering a whopping 12,500 watts of sustained running energy, this ultra-powerful machine can fire up your entire home and much, much more. This maximum load exceeds the typical household consumption by an average of 100%, which simply guarantees that you won’t have to worry about overloading your generator even if you turn on your most demanding devices and appliances all at the same time.

In the event of a power failure, the 100179 generator roars to life automatically without the need for you to manually turn it on. And despite its incredible power, this machine only produces a maximum of 63dB of noise, letting you enjoy supreme comfort safe from the inconveniences of power interruptions. The only problem? Well, this generator is one that will definitely take a toll on your bank account.

  • Automatic start as the machine detects a power failure, so there’s no need to get up, go out, and set up your power source
  • Relatively silent given its monstrous wattage capabilities
  • Runs on natural gas and propane which are cleaner to burn and easier to access
  • Able to sustain up to 12,500 running watts of energy which exceeds most households
  • Unlimited fuel source hooks up to underground natural gas lines – no need to refuel
  • This professionally installed generator isn’t for the faint of budget
  • Needs professional installation

Champion 100402 – Best Champion Generator for Camping


  • Weight: 56 lbs
  • Noise level: 53 dB
  • Run time: 5.5 hours at half load
  • Gasoline tank capacity: 1.1 gallons
  • Starting watts Gas/LPG: 2000/1800
  • Running watts Gas/LPG: 1600/1440

So maybe all of the other choices on our list have been a little too bulky for your taste. In that case, the Champion 100402 might just be the breath of conveniently compact fresh air that you’re looking for. Exceedingly small at a measly 56 pounds, this portable Champion generator tugs at the heartstrings of buyers with space and travel considerations. Its built-in handle and lightweight body make it particularly easy to carry around, letting you tote the generator along camping trips, or store it inside cramped utility rooms without eating too much space.

Champion 100402-4

But more than its convenient size, the 100402 brings ease of use to the table, with an organized, intuitive control panel that makes operations a total no-brainer. Across its quick-access panel, the generator displays all the pertinent information for your use, including fuel levels, voltage, hours, and low oil. On the side, an EZ-Start dial lets you choose between gasoline and propane, firing up your generator with utmost effortlessness.

The 1.1-gallon gasoline tank can sustain up to 11 hours of use at a fourth of the 1600 running wattage. Maximum running wattage when operating on propane dials down to a more modest 1440-watts which can be more than enough to breathe life into all of your bare necessities. Conveniently compact and modestly powerful, the only drawback with the 100402 is that its gasoline tank might be a little too small for long-term use, necessitating frequent refuels if you’re operating it for extended periods of time.

  • Ultra-compact design and lightweight build make the 100402 ideal for travel and simplified storage
  • Runs on both propane and gasoline to give you more options while you’re out and about
  • Inverter engine produces gentle power that protects the intricate, delicate internal workings of sensitive devices
  • Quick-access panel features a range of indicators that make operation a breeze
  • EZ-Start Dial brings the generator to life with nothing more than a twist of a knob
  • Much like most portable generators, the Champion 100402’s gasoline capacity might be a little too small for maximum convenience

Champion 100110 – Best Powerful Portable Champion Generator


  • ⦁ Weight: 270 lbs
  • Noise level: 74 dB
  • Run time: 10 hours at half load
  • Gasoline tank capacity: 7.7 gallons
  • Starting watts: 11.500
  • Running watts: 9200

Packing a formidable 459cc engine, the Champion 100110 is perhaps one of the most powerful gasoline generators from the brand. Producing a maximum of 9200 running watts, the 100110 can operate for 10 hours at half load with its 7.7-gallon gasoline tank. And because most homes run an average of just 6000-watts, the 100110 becomes a smart choice for those who want to do away with the worry of overloading their generator, hooking up as many household essentials and luxuries without fear of tripping the system.


As expected, the Champion 100110 also comes ready with the same intuitive quick-access control panel that most of the newer Champion generators tout. This allows easier operation that tells you exactly what you need to know at a glance. Other than that, everything else that the 100110 is pretty much industry standard, giving you seamless functionality that competes closely with other equally powerful generators on the market.

When it comes to flaws, the Champion 100110 does have a few. Pushing 300 pounds, the machine can be exceedingly difficult to move even with its never-flat tires. It also doesn’t come with a digital fuel gauge, requiring that you pop the gas tank open and calculate the level based on what you see, which can involve a whole lot of guesswork.

  • Produces 9200-watts of running power to breathe life into some of the most intensive appliances and electronics all at the same time
  • Large 7.7-gallon fuel tank lets you extend the time between refuels
  • Heavy-duty body can survive even the toughest of hurricanes and outdoor conditions
  • Easy, seamless operation with the signature quick-access panel from Champion
  • Cold start technology fires up the 459cc engine even in the dead cold of winter
  • Pretty heavy at almost 300 pounds, calling for quite a lot of effort to move even with its tires
  • Not equipped with a fuel gauge

Champion 73536i – Best Stackable Champion Generator


  • Weight: 48.5 lbs
  • Noise level: 53 dB
  • Run time: 5 hours at half load
  • Gasoline tank capacity: 1 gallon
  • Starting watts: 2000
  • Running watts: 1700

As the ultimate lightweight on our list, the 73536i weighs in at just 48.5 pounds, making it the most easily portable Champion generator based on our research. Shaped like a box and fitted with a built-in handle, the Champion 73536i is perhaps the ideal choice for camping trips or for small, single-dweller spaces. With its tiny footprint and light build, the 73536i can also easily fit into the smallest of storage spaces, letting you pack it away effortlessly when not in use.

Champion 73536i -3

Inside, a modest 80cc engine generates a soft purr, registering at just 53 dB when operating at full throttle. Once stable, the engine sustains 1700-watts of running power which can last 9.5 hours at a fourth of its full load. The modest 1-gallon fuel tank might not seem like a lot, which is expected of a compact generator, but it can be sufficient for powering smaller electronics and appliances.

Designed for parallel use, the 73536i boasts an intuitive stackable frame that lets you place them on top of each other to combine their power for more energy when you need it. The only problems are that it won’t start too well in cold weather, and that it shuts off a little too soon if you don’t hook up your devices right away after turning it on.

  • Ultra-compact and portable, featuring a unique stackable design that lets you conveniently arrange several of the same generator for parallel use
  • Just 48.5 pounds in weight, ideal for hiking and camping as well as other outdoor trips
  • Inverter engine produces clean energy that’s intended for more sensitive devices
  • Economy mode extends your fuel and spares your engine from wear and tear
  • Silent operation becomes a monotonous thrum that blends in with background noise
  • Doesn’t start as quickly when operating in cold weather
  • Tends to shut off too quickly when you don’t hook up your devices fast enough after firing it up

Buyer’s Guide

The nine options on this list demonstrate just how unique each generator can be. And with such diversity of functionality, build, and power, you’d be right to assume that not every option will bring you the satisfaction and purpose that you’re looking for. With that in mind, it helps to make sure that you know exactly what you’re buying into before you shell out that cash. Generators aren’t cheap, and making informed choices can save you from an expensively painful case of buyer’s remorse

If you’re still not quite sure what you need to watch out for during your hunt for the best Champion generator, here are some of the main considerations worth keeping in mind.

9 Best Champion Generators-1

Running VS Starting Watts

Every generator has a wattage rating for its starting and running power. As these two labels suggest, a generator will produce more power at start-up than it will as the engine stabilizes. In essence, running watts pertains to the energy generated at the moment you turn the generator on. Typically, this will be an average of 10% more than the running wattage rating that you’ll see.

Similar to a car roaring to life when you turn the ignition, generator engines require a little more power at the start to turn the machine on. Over the course of a few seconds or minutes, that will regularize and hush down to a lower, more sustainable running wattage.

What you really want to consider when you buy a Champion generator – or any generator at that – is the running wattage. This tells you exactly how much power your generator of choice can provide, and indicates just how many devices and appliances you can hook up to the machine without overloading it.

On that note, it also helps to calculate your usage before you dive into a purchase. For instance, smaller households with two to three dwellers will require around 3500 to 4000 watts of power for all of the essentials including lights, a fridge, air conditioning, and consumer electronics. So, a generator like the Champion 100263 can be sufficient for smaller homes.

For bigger houses, generators that produce upwards of 7000 running watts, like the Champion 100165 or the 100110 might be a more suitable choice. Then, there are the excessively powerful picks similar to the standby Champion 100179 can be more than enough to sustain mansion dwellings or even commercial establishments.

Remember – if you calculate that you need 3000 watts of power, opt for a generator that provides at least 10% more than that. Maxing out a generator’s running wattage can lead to overloading, using up your fuel and shutting down your machine in the middle of operation.

9 Best Champion Generators-3

Noise Level

Ask anyone who’s ever owned a generator before, and they’re likely to tell you that noise has always been a major issue. Most of the older generators we see on the market can be exceedingly loud, making them a major annoyance not just for you, but for anyone within the radius of your home or job site.

Inverter generators like those inside the Champion 100263 can be much quieter despite offering substantial power. Generators that come equipped with economy mode like the Champion 73536i can also be dialed down to generate less noise as the engine reduces fuel consumption and power output. If you’re operating your generator in a residential area, then noise might be a big issue. But for job sites where noise is practically a given, then noisier choices might not be too much of a problem.

Champion 100573 -5

Portability and Storage

Depending on when and how you plan to use your generator, you might want to look into portability and storage features. For job sites, generators with big, robust, durable tires like those found on the Champion 100573 can help to allow easier transport over the often demanding and uneven terrain found at a construction site.

Carry-friendly generators similar to the Champion 100402 do away with the wheels and instead feature a built-in handle that allows you to carry the less-than-100-pound machine around. For storage purposes, these generators can also be far more practical, coming with a smaller footprint that can fit into even the smallest of utility closets.

Then again, if you don’t have any storage space to spare, or if you don’t want to have to keep popping your generator out of your shed, then a model that can survive the wind, snow, sun, and rain might be a better choice. The heavy-duty Champion 100165 makes a great example of that, featuring a weatherproof body that can survive the toughest outdoor conditions without the need to take shelter

Others still push the envelope further. Stand-by generators like the Champion 100179 are professionally installed outside of your home and stay there, hooked up to underground natural gas lines so you don’t really need to keep going out to set things up and turn your alternative power source on.

9 Best Champion Generators-4

Fuel Source

Sometimes gas can be expensive, and other times, propane just isn’t anywhere to be found. If you had a generator that could accept both of these fuel sources, you’d be sure that you could find at least one that’s available when you need to breathe life into your machine.

Champion is big on dual fuel generators, with models like the 100263, 100573, and 76533 all able to accommodate both gasoline and propane as fuel sources. But if you really want to make sure you can get power anytime, no matter the situation, then built-in stand-by generators like the Champion 100179 can take the weight of finding a fuel source off of your shoulders.

Hooked to an underground source of natural gas, the 100179’s engine can roar to life without you having to find any fuel to fill it up with. That also means the machine will be able to run for 24 hours non-stop, given that an earthquake hasn’t cut off your connection to the main natural gas source.

9 Best Champion Generators


Q: What does an automatic transfer switch do?

A: An automatic transfer switch will automatically shift power sources from a standard source to an emergency power unit. A machine equipped with an automatic transfer switch will detect if the main power fails, and will automatically turn on to supply your home.

Q: Can you parallel two unlike generators?

A: Yes, but it takes some thought. Paralleling generators of the same model might require less effort on your part. And while it might be possible to parallel two different generators, it’s important that you consider their variations in engine configuration, running and peak wattage, and regulator design.

Q: How do I know what size generator I need?

A: It takes a lot of numbers to know the appropriate generator size. But the best way to calculate would be to make a list of all the items you want to power, add together their running wattage requirements, add together their peak wattage requirements, and then determine which generator can meet both the running and peak wattage of your list.

Q: How long does a power generator last?

A: The lifespan of a generator really depends on how often you use it. If you intend to use it for the purpose of emergency energy during a power failure, then it can last well over 20 years. For more frequent use, like in RVs or other recreational activities, you can expect to get a good 15 years out of your machine. The better you maintain it, the longer it’s likely to last.

9 Best Champion Generators-2


Champion is a brand that gives its name justice. With their excellent, intuitive, and powerful generators, the Champion brand delivers top-notch quality backed by American engineering and years of industry experience. While most of their models are worthy of praise, there are a few that come out on top as the champs. And we’ve listed them here.

All in all, the Champion 100263 can be considered the best Champion generator combining efficiency, ease of use, practicality, and portability all together into one reasonably priced package. But it’s not the only top performer. If the 100263 just doesn’t fire up your interest, then check out our other recommendations to discover the ultimate Champion for your alternative power needs.

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