8 Best 7500-Watt Generators

Power outages can be annoying and, in some cases, frequent. You need a reliable generator to keep your appliances up and running. There is a variety of options available on the market. But we suggest considering a 7500-watt generator as it is big enough to run most home appliances. However, the question is – which particular model should you choose? In this review, we’ve compiled a list of the 8 best 7500-watt generators to help you pick the most suitable one.

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Overview Table

Don’t let a large number of options confuse you! We’ve done all the hard work and covered eight of the best products for you to compare. We tested the products on different factors including features and price to make a list of the eight best 7500-watt generators.

Here is a short summary of each product’s great features, in case you’re too busy to read through the whole article.


Editor choice 1 Westinghouse WGen7500
Westinghouse WGen7500
(Best User-Friendly 7500-Watt Generator)

A reliable generator which offers 9500 surge watts. This fuel-efficient unit has a three-way start-up and comes with a remote control.

2 Champion 100165
Champion 100165
(Best Dual-Fuel 7500-Watt Generator)

Runs on both gasoline and propane, has a powerful 439cc engine and offers 9375 start-up watts.

3 Cat RP7500E
Cat RP7500E
(Best Gas-Powered 7500-Watt Generator)

It is a solid option, reliable and powerful. This gas-powered generator offers 11 hours of straight runtime.

4 Ford FG7750
Ford FG7750
(Best Solid Dual Fuel 7500-Watt Generator)

Has a dual fuel option and offers the almost same wattage on both fuel types. Weighs 196 pounds but is still portable thanks to its large wheels.

5 Simpson Cleaning SPG793E
Simpson Cleaning SPG793E
(Best Easy-to-Operate 7500-Watt Generator)

This powerful option has a 420cc electric start engine. Plus, it is safe to use thanks to an auto low oil shutdown mechanism.

6 Pulsar PG7750B
Pulsar PG7750B
(Best Value for Money )

You have the option of running it on either gasoline or LPG. It is portable and offers electric push start with recoil backup to fall back on.

7 Sportsman GEN7500DF
Sportsman GEN7500DF
(Best Lightweight 7500-Watt Generator)

The greatest affordable and light option. Plus, it is dual fuel and offers as many as seven different outlets.

8 All Power America APGG7500
All Power America APGG7500
(Best Budget 7500-Watt Generator)

Don’t worry about its comparatively low price, it does not influence its great quality. This generator has an operating noise level of 72 dB and gives a runtime of 9 hours at 50% load.



1 Editor choice

Westinghouse WGen7500 – Best User-Friendly 7500-Watt Generator


  • 7500 running watts
  • 9500 starting watts
  • Two Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters
  • Comes with a remote start key fob
  • Powered by a Westinghouse 4 stroke OHV Engine at 420cc
  • 3-year warranty

This generator is your answer to the perfect portable power solution, designed and manufactured by Westinghouse.

The WGen7500 features an interactive control panel which makes it easy to operate. It has rubber covered power outlets which makes it suitable to use outdoors. You will not have to worry about electric shocks or other such incidents thanks to such amazing security.

At the heart of it is a powerful 420cc 4 Stroke Westinghouse engine. It can run at lower temperatures and consumes a lesser amount of fuel than traditional valve engines. This means you will not have a problem in using the unit no matter where you are.

Unlike others in its league, the WGen7500 has a hardened steel frame with roll bars on the top. It supports a 6.6-gallon gas tank that is big enough and will ensure the unit runs for up to 16 hours. The roll bars make it easier to transport and secure the unit.

Furthermore, it has a built-in automatic low oil shutdown capability which protects the engine from damage due to overheating or the like.

You’ll find a digital hour meter at the control panel, making it easier for you to perform regular maintenance. Moreover, anyone will be able to operate this generator, as it features a simple electric push start button on the side and an even more comfortable to use remote start key fob. Hence, no more dealing with a cord.

We’d recommend this open frame machine for both home and commercial use. It offers great value for the money, being durable and efficient.

  • Portable
  • Durable construction
  • Fuel-efficient
  • Runs longer than most models of the same wattage
  • Easy to operate
  • Has a 3-year warranty
  • The wheels are not very reliable
  • Can be a little loud for some people

Champion 100165 – Best Dual-Fuel 7500-Watt Generator


  • Works on both propane or gasoline
  • 9375 starting watts/7500 running watts (Gas)
  • 8400 starting watts/6750 running watts (LPG)
  • Hand toggle switch with a 439cc Champion Engine
  • Power output monitor to keep track of voltage and run time
  • Has a 3-year limited warranty but include a lifetime of free technical support

You can operate it right out of the box and easily switch between propane and gasoline via Champion’s patented fuel selector.

On gasoline, the 439cc engine produces 9,375 worth of starting watts and settles on 7,500 running watts. It will run 8 hours straight at 50% load on a 6.1-gallon full fuel tank. This means you will not have to worry about waking up in the night to check fuel, it will run all night long.

While on propane, it produces 8,400 starting watts and settles on 6,750 running watts. It will run straight for 5.5 hours at 50% load on the 20-pound propane tank. The 3.3-foot propane hose is included in the price.

You can choose the fuel type that you find more economical. To increase the output, you can even use them both so that the unit can shift to the other option once the first one runs out.

It produces noise at 74 dBA from 23 feet away, which makes it just a tad bit louder than a regular vacuum cleaner. You can use the electric start to turn it on or count on the backup recoil system.
On the side of it, you will find multiple outlets which include a 120V 30A locking outlet, a 120V by 240V 30A locking outlet, and four 120V 20A GFCI protected outlets.

Weighing at 202 pounds, it is heavy but Champion have included a foldaway and a U-shaped handle making it easy for you to transport it via the never-flat tires.

  • Runs on both gas and LPG
  • EPA and CARB compliant
  • Lifetime support and a good warranty
  • Different outlets for various appliances
  • Convenient Intelligauge system for easy monitoring
  • Quite heavy at 218 pounds
  • Not the best for RV ready

Cat RP7500E – Best Gas-Powered 7500-Watt Generator


  • Can run straight for 11 hours
  • 9375 starting watts
  • 7500 running watts
  • Electric start system with an LED lit control panel
  • EPA Compliant
  • Offers 6 outlets
  • Includes a twist lock receptacles

The Cat RP7500E is a small but powerful machine weighing 192 pounds. It’s designed for durability and smooth operation, is easy to set up and has intuitive controls. Also featuring a 420cc OHV engine which comes with an electric start, it’s among the best sellers on the market.

On the outside, it looks pretty solid thanks to all-steel construction. It also has a double folding handle that will make it easier to move the unit. Plus, its never-flat rubber wheels will also offer you quite great support.

The LED lit control panel makes it easier to operate in all conditions. It features enhanced safety with waterproof covers and recessed sockets. The machine offers 9,375 starting watts and will settle at 7,500 running watts; this is enough power to keep the essentials running.

Everything you need including the engine oil and fuel funnel with assembly tools is included in the packaging.
It can be a good option for users who want a ready-to-use unit, however remember that it will be a little noisy.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Quality materials
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Can run a variety of appliances
  • Safe to run computers and mobile devices
  • 3-year limited warranty but must be registered within a month of purchase
  • Excellent customer support
  • Can be a bit noisy at about 85dB
  • Might be a little too bulky for some people

Ford FG7750 – Best Solid Dual Fuel 7500-Watt Generator


  • Dual fuel function with Switch & Go Technology
  • 7750 starting watts/6250 running watts (Gas)
  • 7500 starting watt/6000 running watts (LPG)
  • 6.6-gallon fuel tank
  • 10.5 hours of run-time at 50% load on gasoline
  • Electric push start

The FG7750 from Ford offers 7,750 peak watts. It settles on 6250 rated watts on gasoline and 6,000 – on LPG. It weighs 196 pounds and has a 420cc 4 stroke single cylinder OHV air cooled engine which is protected by a powder coated steel frame.

It offers a high capacity fuel tank which gives you a straight run of 10.5 hours at 50% load on a full 6.6-gallon tank. Plus, the patented Switch & Go Technology makes it easier for you to switch between the fuel sources while turning the dial in operation. If you run out of gas, just opt for prone and it’ll keep going.

The machine features multiple outlets on the side which includes a 120V 30A twist lock outlet, a 120V by 240V 30A twist lock outlet with rubber outlet covers for added protection, and two 120V 20A GFCI outlets.

The generator also has a rugged frame with drop down handles and 10-inch never-flat wheels that make the machine portable. It also has a recoil backup so that you do not need to worry if the electric push system fails you.

We think it is a great unit for anyone looking for a device that is easy to maintain. However, replacement parts can be hard to find.

  • The M Frame is rugged and durable
  • Fuel source can be changed during operation
  • Easy to maintain thanks to a maintenance free battery
  • Can be used outdoors
  • Quite portable thanks to the big wheels
  • The backup recoil starter design is poor
  • Qiete loud at 76 dB

Simpson Cleaning SPG793E – Best Easy-to-Operate 7500-Watt Generator


  • Simpson OHV 420cc electric start engine
  • 9300 starting watts
  • 7500 running watts
  • Low oil shutdown
  • Multiple covered power outlets
  • Never flat wheels

Simpson may not be the most popular company out there but its products are fast gaining momentum. This particular model features the OHV 420cc electric start motor with an in-built low oil shutdown. It will shut down the unit if it detects the oil is low. This is a great option as it helps protect the engine and also safeguards other appliances running.

It offers 9,300 starting watts and settles at 7,500 running watts. On the side, you will find multiple outlets including a 120V 30A locking, a 120V by 240V 30A locking outlet, and four 120V 20A household outlets.

The roll cage frame offers added protection and the foldable handle is made for easy storage and mobility. However, at over 200 pounds, it may be a little too heavy for some users.
Get this unit if you are looking for an affordable and easy to use 7500-watt generator. It can be suitable for job sites as well as backup power during outages.

  • Cheaper than most similar options out there
  • Engine lubricant and oil are included in the packaging
  • Perfect for residential and commercial uses
  • The wheels improve shock absorption and stability
  • A bit loud
  • Might be a little too heavy to move despite the wheels

Pulsar PG7750B – Best Value for Money


  • Dual fuel – gasoline and LPG
  • 7500 starting watts/6000 running watts (LPG)
  • 7750 starting watts /6250 running watts (Gas)
  • 6.6-gallons fuel tank
  • 13 hours runtime at 50% load on gas
  • Switch & Go Technology

Pulsar is one of the most popular names when it comes to power generators. This unit from the company weighs 205 pounds and is quite portable.
You can run it on gasoline and LPG. There is a slight difference between running watts for the two types. However, it must be mentioned that it does not offer 7000 rated watts on either option. Nonetheless, you will get 7000+ starting watts on both fuel types.

The huge 6.6-gallon tank ensures the unit runs for up to 13 hours at 50% load. And the patented Switch & Go Technology makes it easier to choose between gasoline and LPG while it’s still operating. This is a great feature as you can move from one source to another to enjoy even more run-time.

The unit has a powerful 420cc OHV 4 stroke engine which is air cooled and protected with a powder coated steel outer frame. It has an electric push start button and a recoil backup which makes start up quick and easy.

On the side, you will find multiple power outlets including a 120V by 240V twist lockout outlet, a 12V DC trickle charge outlet, a 120v twist lockout, and four 120V AC outlets. The huge number of switches makes it a good option for people who want a unit that can run multiple appliances.

The fold down handles and the 10 inch never flat wheels make this generator easy to store and mobile.

  • Quite easy to store thanks to folding handles
  • Portable due to never flat wheels
  • Easy to change between fuel sources
  • Runs longer than many other generators of its kind
  • A huge number of outlets
  • Comes with a durable propane hose
  • May not be safe to run sensitive gadgets
  • Sometimes poor customer support

Sportsman GEN7500DF – Best Lightweight 7500-Watt Generator


  • 7500 starting watts
  • 6000 running watts
  • 6.2-gallon tank
  • Fuel gauge
  • Run-time of 9 hours at 50% load
  • Electric and recoil start

If you are looking for a generator that is safe to use then get your hands on this beauty. Features like automatic low oil shutdown, AVR automatic voltage regulator, and fuel gauge make it quite safe as there is little risk of things going wrong.

The generator will inform you whenever fuel is low and will automatically shut down if it detects low levels of oil. This helps protect not just the engine but other appliances as well.
Weighing just 135 pounds, it is among the lightest generators on the list. It runs on gasoline and offers 7500 starting watts and settles in at 6000 running watts. The 6.2-gallon fuel tank has a fuel gauge and will give you a straight run of 9 hours at 50% load.

The same runtime is possible on 20lb propane cylinder. However, running and surge watts will decrease by 10% if you use LPG.

You will have no trouble in using the unit due to the electric start. It will be ready to use within seconds. However, if you ever get stuck, there is also the popular recoil system to fall back on.
On the side, there are multiple outlets including a 120V RV outlet, a 120V by 240V outlet, a 12V DC outlet meant for battery charging, and four 120V AC outlets.

  • Among the safest generators out there
  • Quite easy to use and maintain
  • EPA approved
  • A huge number of outlets
  • Quite portable as it is light in weight
  • Has a poor recoil start design
  • Might be a little noisy for some people at 76 dB

All Power America APGG7500 – Best Budget 7500-Watt Generator


  • 13 HP 389cc OHV air cooled engine
  • Runtime of 9 hours at 50% load
  • 7500 starting watts
  • 6000 running watts
  • Electric start button and a recoil start option
  • 6.6-gallon tank

You can use the APGG7500 without any worries as it is simple to operate and quiet as well. It produces only 72dB from 23 feet away. The electric push start option ensures it starts right away. Moreover, there is also a recoil start option. The engine is a 13 HP 389cc OHV air cooled engine.

This All Power America model is quite heavy at 209 pounds but still portable thanks to flat-free wheels. It offers 7,500 peak watts and 6,000 rated watts, which is enough to run several home appliances. The 6.6-gallon fuel tank will keep it running for 9 hours at 50% load.

On its side, you will find 5 outlets including a 120V twist lockout, a 120V by 240V twist lockout outlet, two duplex 120V AC outlets, and a 12V DC outlet. Additionally, the packaging includes a flat free wheel kit and a maintenance free battery.

It is EPA approved, however not CARB compliant.

  • Is quiet and produces noise at 72 dB only
  • Easy on the pocket
  • Is EPA Approved
  • Easy to use
  • Not available for sale in California
  • The manual is poorly written

Buyer’s Guide

We’ve given you full product details of the 8 best 7500 watts generators out there on the market; the next step is to select one that matches your needs.
However, before you decide, it is important to know all the factors you must keep in mind when selecting a unit.

Let’s have a look:

Power Output

The higher the maximum power output, the more appliances you will be able to run on it simultaneously.

You should probably make a list of the appliances you need and run on a daily basis before you look into this. Also, keep in mind that some appliances will have a higher starting wattage than running wattage.

Here is a small guide to help you:

  • Blender 500 watts
  • Dishwasher 1500 watts
  • Microwave 1000 watts
  • Refrigerator 1400 watts
  • LED Bulb 12 watts
  • Ceiling Fan 120 watts
  • Air Conditioner 3000 watts
  • LCD TV 1500 watts
  • Vacuum 1000 watts
  • Smartphone 6 watts
  • Electric Shaver 15 watts
  • Laptop 100 watts

Based on this, if you want to charge a laptop (100), mobile phone (6), while watching TV (1500) and running an AC (3000), you will need about 4606 watts.

If you use the best 7,000 watts generator, you will still have over 2,000 watts left to run other appliances. A machine like All Power America APGG7500 7500W with 6,000 watts can be enough for you.

Fuel Tank Size and Runtime

Select a generator which has a decent runtime so that you do not have to worry about adding fuel every few hours. An ideal generator should have a runtime of up to 10 hours. This will ensure you can sleep peacefully.

The tank size can be of huge importance in this regard. The bigger the tank, the more fuel the unit will have.

However, you can increase runtime by reducing the load. Sportsman GEN7500DF 7500 Watt, for example, runs for 9 hours at 50% load.

Sportsman GEN7500DF -1

Engine Reliability

Choose one which has a powerful engine, is fuel efficient and reliable. You will find models on the market which offer low oil shutdowns as well, those make it easier for you to maintain your generator.

Also, keep in mind that it should be able to run in extreme weather conditions, a stainless steel or powder coated cast iron frame will take you a long way in those rough wet weather conditions.

Our personal favorite is Pulsar Portable Generator. It is powder coated and quite powerful.

Ease of Use

Nowadays, nearly all models available offer an electric start push button, so no need to select one with a recoil start up. However, you can find models that offer both recoil and electric start options. This way you will have a backup in case the electric system fails due to battery issues or other such reasons.

Our personal favorite is the Champion 100165. It offers both the options and is quite reliable as well.

Size, Portability & Weight

Remember, you may need to haul this generator. Plus, you may even have to carry it around when you go out. So, make sure to pick a unit that is portable.

Most 7,000-watt generators are heavy. It may be a good idea to go for an option like Sportsman GEN7500DF. It’s quite light and has never flat tires hence you do not have to worry about having to drag the unit.


Opt for a unit with features like low oil shutdown and clean energy so that there is no risk involved. A unit that fluctuates a lot can damage appliances, especially sensitive appliances like mobile phones.


This is a very important factor because some generators can be very noisy. Generator noise is mentioned in dBs – look for a unit that creates 72dB or lower noise. It equals to the noise generated by a vacuum cleaner.

However, remember that you can’t have units that produce no noise at all. Hence, take steps to reduce the sound.

Some steps involve:

  • Keeping the generator at a distance
  • Using noise suppressors
  • Going for a unit that does not vibrate a lot
  • Keeping the generator on a solid surface

Pulsar PG7750B -4

Fuel Types

You can run generators on a variety of fuels including gasoline, propane, etc. Pick one that supports the fuel type that is easily accessible to you.

Other than this, you can pick a unit that offers two fuel types. This way you will be able to choose between two options. Plus, some generators even allow to switch between the two fuel types while the unit is still in use.

This is possible due to the popular Switch & Go Technology found on generators like Ford FG7750 .


There you go! These were 8 of the best 7500-watt generators available on the market. Make sure to check them all and pick one that suits you the best.

If we were to select one for you, it would definitely be the Westinghouse WGEN7500. It meets all the requirements we’ve highlighted in our buyer’s guide – has a runtime of 11 hours at 50% load with a 6.6-gallon fuel tank. The company covers it with a 3-year warranty along with lifetime technical support.

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